Monday, December 27, 2010

Nothingness can get you thinking sometimes?

I do not know what its like to keep in touch with someone you thought you could spend the rest of your life with.  I do not know whether its okay to be able to keep in touch with that person or not. Whether its easy or not and whether it doesn't hurt as much as it could have. I am obviously not talking about myself here. But yes, I am trying to relate to it. Love. God, who made that four letter word? There are different spellings and short forms of that word today. Luv, Lv, Lub and blah! I don't know about the world, but yes, it is pretty difficult to figure how much that word is really meant today when used! My fingers are kinda frozen right now because I just washed my hands with cold water. But dude. It is freaking cold man! The whole of Madhya Pradesh? *sigh. It's cold.

I found out a new full form for the word 'Fine' today : Freaked out Insecure Neurotic Emotional. Kinda true though! And yes, to quote another something, "I trust everyone. It's the devil inside them I don't trust."
Yes, you got that right. I saw 'The Italian Job' today. And, needless to say, the movie is :)

Got to know about another someone who is doing great in her life. Chhavi Rajawat. Yes, that's inspiring.
*sigh. Every time I get to know of something like this or hear about someone, the only word that comes to my mind is, life. Everyone has their own opinion about it and their own point of views, about what is it actually all about and what it comes down to in the end. I still haven't got quite the major part of that one into my head.

How are you suppose to go about things sometimes when you're confused what to do? You ask your good friend and follow what he/she would do if he/she were in your position, knowing that, that person is poles apart from you? Or you follow your inner conscience and do what you have always done, knowing it has gone wrong a couple of times? Looks have been, are and, can be deceptive. And, you never really know, you know.

The songs being played on my playlist repetitively : 'I could really use a wish right now' by B.o.b. Airplanes/Eminem. And, 'The Time (the dirty bit)' by Black Eyed Peas. I didn't write 'obsession' because it isn't really one.

It is my real brother's 23rd birthday today. Happy Birthday to him! I love him :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I want to close my eyes and not open them for sometime. A quality period of time is what I mean by 'sometime'.
What does it feel like to be dead? Dead in real. What would be the little changes that would take place around after your death?

What would it be like if I could fly? Fly as high as I wanted to, like a bird. And, not fall down because of gravity if I attempt to jump off a building?

"I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm awake." ~ Ernest Hemingway.
Yes, I do like the quote written above, a bit too much.

Friday, December 10, 2010


♫ And now I've been gone for so long, I can't remember who was wrong..

What I exactly feel like doing 'right now', this very instant is going into an empty room and screaming. Loud, as loud as I possibly could. Haven't done that I don't know since when. I really do fail to understand people sometimes. Like they are beyond my understanding level. Seriously. How much attitude and ego can you have, for crying out loud? .. ♪ I pledge allegiance to a world of disbelief, where I belong..

There are those who would talk to you only when they feel like and not give a shit when you are in just about the mood to say what you feel like, out loud. But, you aren't given a chance to. Or rather, may I say, you are in a place where you know there are negative vibes surrounding you and how much ever you try to avoid everything, you get low and depressed. You don't really have any particular reason to cry still, but, you do. And then, you wonder why. You manage to convince yourself that it was for the good. And, I wouldn't say, it was for a reason. Because, I really do get reason-less.
As people say that, that they can feel all alone even when they are surrounded by a sea of people?
I feel like, I haven't felt like home since quite sometime, even when it hasn't even been a month since I have been away from home! I also believe, crying is good sometimes. It's like all the unspoken/unwritten/unexpressed/inexplicable feelings which you have somewhere inside you, all come out. It only gets weird when you don't know why you are crying or cried. When you really have absolutely no reason to! :/

The look that Mandy Moore has on her face when she is about to tell Shane West for the first time that she loves him after he had got a star named after her! The look. Every time it comes to my mind, it gets a smile along. A smile which makes me believe that it is too early to decide whether life has been good/worth it or not. Yes, I am talking about A Walk To Remember.

A boy sitting at the corner of a street cutting nails on a cardboard shows what? That he's hygienic or he thinks about the world and just so that anybody walking bare feet gets hurt, he would throw them in a dustbin? Or is he just superstitious about not cutting nails here and there? Or is it me wracking my brains for nothing? I suppose it is the last option I thought of. But, I'm good with whatever reason it might be, as long as there is one.

Lenses can really be a pain sometimes. *eyes itching* But, I am way too lazy for anybody to imagine. Too lazy to go up to my cupboard to take them off. Will do that when I've written though.

A book with the tiniest of fonts! Ooh. I do not quite like that. (!) That is obviously because I do not read books. I do not like to and I probably can't or maybe I choose not to. Whatever.

And, I like solitary walks. A lot. Sometimes.

Current obsession : 'Walking Disaster by Sum 41' :)

Friday, December 3, 2010


Are there people who are flawless? Seriously? This world is too small and big at the same time. And, in my life till now, I don't think I've come across anybody flawless 'completely'. There are those who are awesome in a lot of ways, but then again, we all have our positive and negative points. Some like to work on the negatives and do something about it and some assume that their negatives are a characteristic of who they are. And that it'll distinguish them from the people around them. They are wrong in my opinion. We all tend to make a lot of assumptions in life. And, assuming that a negative point in us is a characteristic of ourselves is not right. Like it's said, there is a very thin line between saying it's 'wrong' and it's 'not right'.

Current obsession amongst the songs in my playlist: 'That's My Name - Akcent' :)

The deep sleep that you get after a really long time that you don't even remember in your subconsciousness about where you are. Like when I woke up today morning, it didn't register in my head for a few seconds that I'm in my pg only, until I opened my eyes and saw my roommate sitting on her bed right in front of me trying to open her eyes and wake up! Haha.

And, one by Ernest Hemingway for now : "The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them."

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm bad with titles? :/

Trust. When it comes to realising whether you were right or not, you are only yourself to blame. It was you who told yourself to believe and that the person you are talking to and probably pouring your heart out for whatever reason, is really listening to you. When I mean 'really listening' I mean, not just hearing. *sigh*

Men. They are all the same. No judgments but that's a point of view after all that I've seen. And, there are no exceptions to the rule. This was not suppose to be what I thought I'd be writing about. But then again, when do things actually come out the way you'd pictured them in your head. That's the imagination part. But, we tend to make assumptions. Ki yeh toh hoga, aur aise hee hoga. You never know.

I realised it had been about two months and I hadn't had chips. Like chips, and I got the urge to have 'banana chips' out of all though. That isn't weird. Is it? :/ Okay, maybe. Listening to good songs with good lyrics can really help and even though we all have our tensions of career and making an identity of ourselves, encouragement is all you need sometimes. Most of the people I know, tend to underestimate themselves a lot of times, and that is the time one needs to be reminded that it's all good. Life has been given to live, so might as well live it happily and see and learn from people around you and take the positives from them instead of focusing on the negatives. Be happy, learn to be. Do things you never thought you would.

Eat healthy. I don't but one must. Observe things and see how much there is taking place around you and what would it be like if it were not like that. Thinking way too much is never good but opening your mind for thoughts and ideas to flow in, is important for your imaginative side to evolve.

Never underestimate anybody, Never, as I believe is too strong a word to use for anything. But, I mean it here. If there is somebody you care about, let the person know. This is not some philosophy lecture but, half nahi, most of times, we don't express ourselves 'well'.

A sight of a cobbler solving crossword in a newspaper is a good sight. :)

Talking about movies, I saw 'A Walk To Remember' for about the twelfth time a day back. And, being honest here, the marginal utility did not decrease. Since, I'm more of a chick flicks movie person, my favourite movie for about seven years had been 'A Cinderella Story' and it changed to 'A Walk To Remember' when I saw it three and a half times consecutively in four days about a year back. There are people who say, how can you watch a movie that depressing over and over again? But it's funny, somehow, I watch it when I'm low or I am really happy and not in a mood to share my happiness in words maybe.

The one line from the movie which is my favourite is, "Please don't pretend like you know me."

The songs, 'Way back into love' from the movie Music & Lyrics, 'Light up the sky' by Yellowcard, 'Rhythm of love' by Plain White T's, are the ones that come to my mind right now.

All that I write is always a mixture. When somebody asks me, 'What kind of music do you like?' I never really have a precise answer to that. My choice of songs is a mixture again. I have never been able to categorize it as rock, hip hop, metal, classic rock or whatever else there is, as an option.

Car drives are nice. A long drive with a friend or a family member driving, music and looking outside the window with a lot of thoughts, flashing through your mind. I've always liked train journeys when somebody would leave me with my peace of mind next to one of the windows for hours and not question me. I like to look outside and be full of thoughts for a moment and be blank the other.

..Will end with the last few lines of the song, 'Way back into love'..

"And if I open my heart to you 
I'm hoping you'll show me what to do 
And if you help me to start again 
You know that I'll be there for you in the end."

Monday, November 15, 2010

A corner of my mind

A song, which is played during the new Vodafone delight advertisements, is nice. A very soothing tune and simple lyrics. 'The little things you do for me and nobody makes me feel good; The little things you do for me,
making me smile and no one else could; That's why I like to sit next to you and listen to your mad stories..' :)

I taught my maid how to write a sentence, it felt good. But, then again, not everyone accepts that with a smiling face you see. I mean, at first she was happy that she finally knows how to write her own name I guess. But then, she didn't really want to finish the work that I'd given her, which was, two pages of one line which said 'Mera naam Meenuti Mandal hai.' in hindi, with a 'poorna-viraam' in the end.

Taare Zameen Par, the movie, was coming on tv yesterday, and I remember seeing it with my family in the theatre on my birthday the year it got released. I was studying in a boarding school that time and all four of us cried while seeing the movie as we could relate to what it feels like, going away from home.
Even though, I might have seen that movie, I don't know how many times, but yesterday, I cried while watching a movie after long.

Titanic - I most certainly will never get sick of it. Not like I've seen it a lot of times though, I wonder why my friend asked me yesterday, 'Aren't you sick of it?' And, I said, 'No, and I will never be.'

Urmm, Zac Efron is *hot*. :O
Hehe, I generally don't talk like that. But yeah, that's a very rare side of me.

..I wonder how hard it can be, to trust people.
Also, the idea of a pen pal is good. A person you've never seen or spoken to. You can say things you feel you can't/don't want to, to any other person, maybe even a close friend of yours, for that matter.

People who do the right things always and make the most appropriate choice always also like to go crazy sometimes and make the wrong decision knowing it is wrong, you know. Like the girl in Freaks and Geeks and High School Musical.
A friend of mine, a very intelligent person, did the same thing when he got an opportunity, like something big.
I guess it's fine to let them go crazy sometimes. It's only funny when it comes to reacting to situations like these, you know..when you are friends with people like that, who are doing great in their life undoubtedly, and they will do really well later as well. But, they're kinda sick of choosing the right path 'always'. I mean, seriously, I don't know why, but, I feel like reacting by saying, 'Oh, come on!' Haha.

Hmm, thinking about how efficiently a painter can express him/her self in the form of colours.. I feel, so can a writer. And here, I don't mean by using incomprehensible words or rather words which are not understood by the mob or not used in day to day life. But, instead, the way of presenting the whole chain of thought, you know. And, the conciseness and brevity of it.

It feels nice to see a cobbler sitting on the street doing crossword. :)
Yes, I'm talking about Mumbai here. I came across a sight like that, one of the days, when they were one of those few good days.

"I'd never given much thought to how I would die, but dying in the place of someone I love, seems like a good way to go." The lines from Twilight. I really like them. And, they have crossed my mind a couple of times.

"I don’t remember you looking any better
Then again I don’t remember,
don't remember you.." - really like! John Mayer has sung that song alluringly.

The title of this post. I've thought of making it the name of my blog. Hmm, I guess, I'll change it soon.
Of course, the present one was taken from the movie, 'Wake up sid'. I don't deny that, at all. But, it's only because, I could relate to the character of Konkana Sen Sharma in that movie, somehow.

Another quote, "You’re going to come across people in your life who will say all the right words at all the right times. But in the end, it’s always their actions you should judge them by. Its actions, not words, that matter." ~ The Rescue.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Anger. There are some people who get irrational sometimes, and there are some who beat you in stubbornness and refuse to make a conscious effort to look from the other person's point of view! I mean, how can you not know the whole story and pass judgments already? I feel like saying, 'Dude, what is with you?'

Every time I get angry. I write. I've always expressed my anger in writing. In school, if I had an argument with a friend or I was pissed off with anything else, all I needed at those times was a pen and a piece of paper and I would go on writing. There were times, when a friend had to literally come and take the pen away from my hand and stop me, because, it had been hours since I had been on it. I don't know if I've mentioned before that I am a sensitive person and that is one thing I have really been trying to work on since quite some time. And, I have succeeded to an extent.

Things change in time. Everybody knows that. And, so do people. Par, mera yeh maan na hai ki, waqt badalta nahi hai. Guzarta hai. Log waqt ke saath apne aap ko badal lete hain. There are those who are willing to change and those who are forced to. Only the few who remain are the ones, who have managed to be themselves all along no matter what. I wouldn't put myself in any of the three mentioned categories.

I have learnt to control my anger in time. And, when it came to situations where you're out somewhere with your family and it isn't school anymore and there is something which is playing with your head. And, the only way you have learnt to take it 'all' out in the best possible manner is through writing, which is, my case here. You are not in a very good situation. The crankiness builds up and all the things piled up in your head come out like word vomit on someone you didn't want it to come out on.

High school life, or may I say College life, is not anywhere close to something like the movie, 'High School Musical'. Is it? Well, in my case, it isn't remotely close to that. I won't say, I wish it were like that. Because, come on, it's a movie. But, I would say, why not? And, you can't really put the blame on someone or the system, because, this is how it's always been. Things are different in different countries. And yes, I'm reminded of a line said by one of my fellow friends, 'The lesser you know, the merrier you are.' That's true. But then again, there are contradictions.


I heard this song right now. It's called 'Lifesize'. It was played at the end of one of the episodes of 'How I Met Your Mother'. Yes, that's how I remembered I had to hear it again.
Will end by the two lines of it's chorus; 'Larger than lifesize we become
Great in the eyes of someone.'

Friday, November 12, 2010


Sometimes, things hit your harder than you thought. And, there are people who put you down to the extent you never imagined. It hurt you. But, you can't help but remind yourself of all that they've done for you. It is always important to put yourself in the other one's shoes. And, he/she might be wrong as you know it. But, the person has done way too much for you and you can't be angry for long. Hmm.

*Sigh* Yes, another post after a while. ..Just revolving around people and not really Mumbai or Gwalior. Life. It teaches us a lot. Right? And, when I come to think of know, when one is on their deathbed..what do you do about all that you learnt and all that life taught you.. It ends with you right there. Right? The 'journey' of it I've mentioned earlier as well, is indeed the most important part of it all.

Things being rubbed on your face by a stranger hit you harder than you thought sometimes, you know. You are made to face what, deep inside, you didn't want to. Everybody likes living in a fantasy world. Who doesn't..? And, most of the people I know, believe that fantasy is way better than the reality we're living in. But, aren't we being too judgmental? I mean, both are made by us only..Right? It is we, who have instilled it in our bloody heads that reality can't be better than our fantasy world.

Hmm, I read this quote by Aristotle yesterday;  "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." And, I liked the meaning of it very much. And, of course, the preciseness of it.

It means tolerance for another point of view. One might have their own opinion but is willing to respect another opinion. To be able to have a broad outlook. To be able to entertain a thought and let it play around in your mind while you consider it from all angles, and then, based upon reasoning and logic, you accept it, or not.

There is more. Much more. And, it'll come in time. I guess.
Blogging is nice. But, there'll always remain a difference in typing out what you have in mind and writing it on a piece of paper. I wrote in my diary a few days back. It felt good.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reality is an illusion caused by alcohol deficiency - Mondy's.

I'm back :)
And, I love the title

It really gets one thinking every time you read it
Will not write all the boring..'It's been long and blah!' Don't feel like for now

This will be short though. I have College at 7:30 tomorrow morning..for which I have to wake up at 6 and..ofcourse, I'm not sleepy. :P

Just read this somewhere..and, it's stuck in my mind for now..

Illusions are reality inside our minds, and realities are illusions outside our minds & Dream is where they meet!

*Sigh* I love it.

And, for Me ~

A reality check - I have exams in 8 days!

A reality that I'm still trying to check - I cleared the first level of CS.

A reality I don't want to check - I didn't do anything constructive in my first year of College.

An illusion - I end up doing 'counselling' in life..or may I call it a dream. The one thing that I'll enjoy the most.

An illusion - I will remain the person I've always been.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finally! ~ My next post

Hello here.

I have been wanting to write since quite sometime. But, don't really know why I didn't . Hehe. Actually, I do. Umm..due to my sheer laziness, the feeling of wanting to write with a smooth ball pen in my diary rather than typing it here, and because of un-necessary thinking about un-necessary stuff. :P As mentioned earlier, my life revolves around mumbai..Apart from normal college, and me not being able to study (I think I've forgotten how to. I swear. I mean, its been so long since I studied like properly properly..!! Haha.)..There has not been much happening though. But, I still have things to say. Got in touch with a few more old friends. One of them being the reason..why I m finally writing right now. One of them encouraged me to write more often. Also had a few good moments with friends. One of the memorable ones being..going to watch 'My Name Is Khan'..then, having sookhi (dry) bhel -cum- chana puri..and Baskin Robbins (banana and strawberry)..and then, an evening walk at marine drive..! All of this on the same day (20th Feb '10). Flashback ~ Before going for the movie..I met a friend..who I hadn't met since 8 months after passing out of school. We had been in the same city. We both reside in the same city as well. But, we still hadn't met. It was destiny to bang into her that day. It was a great feeling. A tight hug from a school friend is all that you need sometimes. :)

I have realised something about myself. I can never get sick of watching the same movie over and over again. I mean, it's kind of weird. Also, not to forget..watching it not after a very long time gap haan. Watching it like in hours ka time gap..! Actually, not even hourS. Hehe. I know it is weird. But, thats how I am. Can't help it. :P

I am a big foodie also. Have been trying to control on certain things and follow a specific diet (which I made myself). It's hardly even a diet. Trying not to have Chocolate or anything chocolate flavoured. And, not having Maggi..!! :( Just kinda trying to remove the extras. And, putting alternatives like Dahi (curd/yoghurt).


The above was written by me on the 24th Feb.
Have a lot more updates. Also, in the words of Ted from 'How I Met Your Mother' ~ In order to determine whether we can know anything with certainty, we first need to doubt everything we know.

P.S. - Happy Holi..!! :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A city that never sleeps! :)

The other day, our EVS professor was talking about sparrows not being there in mumbai and thats when i realised that there are only crows and pigeons around ya! Eagles and parrots in certain areas. I mean seriously, its been long since i last saw sparrows. I think the black crows bring these negative vibes with them. There is a weird negative environment created in their presence in my opinion. Too many things in the head. It just feels like my life has been revolving around Mumbai. First year of College is coming to an end already. It flew. It just flew. Tension about being able to manage CS (Company Secretary) with B.Com. Tension about being able to make my parents proud of me. Tension about whether life is going on the right track or not. :(

Life is like a long train journey. Some only wait to reach the destination..some give up in the middle itself..and some live but dont really care about the journey. They just want to get over with whatever burden is on them and pass on the responsibility on their shoulders to someone else as soon as possible. To them, life is all about being what people want you to be and not being who you actually are.
To me, the journey is the most important part!
Umm, my roomie was suppose to write a post about how hindi as a language is so much more expressive and effective than english. She still hasnt written it. She beats me in laziness and in getting mood swings. :P

Got in touch with another old friend and refreshed my list of good friends. :)
And, I love my College! :D
Ok, I know that, that was just typed out of nowhere.
And it was very random. But, thats Me!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Happy Republic Day.
And, its 11:59 am at this very moment so, a very Good Morning too! (Honestly, it was 11:59 that time.) Its obviously afternoon now! :P
Umm..yesterday ~ "It was a good day. =)" I was really really touched by one of my friends.
Well, I was also told by someone that I wrote down the entire public speaking competition on the previous post, which the person found quite dumb. But, that didn't make me feel that I should edit the post or amend it or for that matter, delete it.
Whatever I write here, is what is on my mind at that paricular moment (date and time displayed at the end of the post..!)
I wrote all that came to my head instantly at that moment. It was a sense of realization. Realization about where India is going. Realization about general knowledge being poor. Realization about the constant changes taking place around me.
Currently, one of my favourite lines, quoted from a textbook by one of my teachers in class :
"There is a new disease in the business world today and it's called business anxiety."
I like it. :)
The friend who has really made me change my views about himself writes well :)
The best feeling is when you get more from a person, whom you expected the least from and nothing at all from a person whom you expected a lot from.
Moral : Never expect anything from anyone :)

Umm..this much for now, and, I love quotations.
So, ending with one,
"If it's not worth doing then it's not worth doing well."

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Life is not all about eating gol-gappas or wai-wai..! Its not just about having fun..doing vella-panti or being with friends all the time! One needs to do something constructive in life as well.
Attended a public speaking competition in my college today. I love my college!
Terrorism, Indian culture, Society, being urself, underdeveloped countries, copenhagen summit 2009, men and women..
Several interesting topics were discussed and looked at from one's point of view.

18 suicides in 20 days in Mumbai, meaning of the word appraise - evaluate, judge..
Residents of India knowing the name of the wife of the US President, Barack Obama ~ Michelle obama..and NOT knowing the husband's name of Mrs. Pratibha Patil..!!! ~ Mr. Devisingh Ransingh Shekhawat.

Clark Kent ~ Superman.
Only when he has powers, everyone knows that he is SUPERMAN. Otherwise, he is nobody!
There were people asked about who is the current 'President' of india..and some college students answered Dr. Manmohan Singh!!! There were some who replied with a confident smile on their face, "Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh"..!!!
4 out of 50 people could answer who the vice-president of India is.
The answer being Mohammad Hamid Ansari!
There are people..if you ask them..who is the President of Pakistan?
There will be answers like Pervez Musharraf. There will be few who would say Asif Ali Zardari.
Today's day in college has moved me quite a lot. I feel good about the fact that one is reminded of all such topics in there are those who live in their own world..n not bother about anything around..and a quote comes to my mind..'dust to dust returneth'.

And I love this one ~ "Some say the World will end in Fire, Some say in Ice. From what I've tasted of Desire I hold with Those who favour Fire. But If I had to perish twice,
I think I would know enough of Hate to say that for Destruction,
Ice would also be great and would Suffice."

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bits and pieces

All that I'm gonna write right now, about 80% of it was written on the 15th of december at 4:35 pm. Yes, it is an extract from my diary. Have to fill you up with the good memories of the past na! :)
Okay, so this is how it goes..
"NEW GIRL IN THE CITY" (that was written in my diary for the first time. That's why, in bold. Lol.)
$ Hot n cold $ (means, was listening to that song at that time.)

..Life gives you so much in so many different ways. But then, you have to return/give it back to life one day, and one should be mentally prepared for that.
Me, an *almost* new girl, have been in this city for 5 months. Mumbai. Life is different here. Everything happening around you is changing all the time. It is fast. People rushing from one platform to another, running towards the moving bus and grabbing the handle, holding firm to the local (local train)...

Sometimes, it gives you a shock all together! Just like the way, I got one today.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Oops. I wrote to you even before I wrote to my diary today! Its a little easier to type but the feeling of writing on paper with a pen in the hand is different. Its just the way..a person can read a book online or read it in print and turn the pages of the book and express his/her self to the book and also smell the book! Damn. I don't know why I said all that..because I can't read books for nuts! But, I do understand the love humans have for books. I like going to book fairs and I even enjoy standing at a book store even when I don't read. I like the whole feeling of Me being able to have a look at so many books and I try and remember their authors! Lol. I know that's a little weird but that's who I am.
'Be who you are and say what u feel because those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter.' I personally believe that this life is too short to be anybody else. So, always be yourself.

Good times :)

I'm missing Mayo! :( I'd never thought I'd miss it so much.
Had wai-wai, maggi [semi-cooked] n gol-gappe moments today! :) 3 good friends and Me.
Have missed, only the awesome 'mayo fudge-cake' moment!
I have been in a boarding school for 6 years. Its been a great experience and I know what I've gained. :) Umm..quite tired at the moment but have to express my feelings to Anonymous ~ my best friend.

I love writing.
Will get back to you in some time.
The data card is working normally now. So, will definitely tell you all that I have in my head.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weird Weird Day. I wrote most of that at 7:04 pm.

My second post.

Hmm. Today was a very weird day. I can say something like so much happened and then nothing happened at the same time. Today morning, when I crossed the road and reached the other side of it..
I saw this girl in specs and a grey sweatshirt, with her cellphone in her hand, talking to somebody on the phone, walking towards her car. As she sat in the car, her driver took off. A bag across her shoulder, lay.
And, she seemed very comfortable and confident. After looking at her, as in her age, she must be a college student or might not be. :/

I could picture myself studying in some college of Jaipur and going to college by car! Eeww. I found myself better walking on the road with a dirty water puddle next to where I walked. [I know it's not been raining in Mumbai, but honestly speaking, there was a puddle! I'm not making this up to make it sound interesting or anything.]

It is an experience to stay in another city, travel by the local bus all alone, with people around you sweating. The feeling of independence. When you have to manage your budget, and calculate how much you've spent and you have an idea about when you'd be able to have Baskin Robbins ka double scoop (for Rs.90 inclusive of taxes) next! :P
It's not like you are short of money or you are not given enough.
It's just that you try and save and, you know exactly where you spent.

P.S. - I love Mumbai!

Monday, January 11, 2010

11th January, 2010

My roomie just made this for Me! Her name is Alisha. I like her name. :P
Have lots to tell you! Will get back to you soon.
Is waqt itna hee..
Gari :D