Friday, January 15, 2016

The magic is in the mess

"It is an ancient need to be told stories. But the story needs a great storyteller." - Alan Rickman

It's one thing to have priorities clear,
it's another to know how different yours are from the selfless people

I consider myself fortunate that I've had the opportunity to meet some fantastic people in my life so far already
You have to be brutally honest only with those who understand honesty!
You have to colour your words with the rest.
- said to me by a very wise fifty-six-year-old independent woman living life on her own terms :)

Look around! Learn a little (even when there is a lot to) from those who're doing it without what you have! Seriously!

When you attend one of the simplest weddings ever
No showoff culture equals no punjabis criticising the food/arrangements/clothes/people's dress sense and more
When there really was so much happiness in the air that one could sense the good vibe with smiling faces all around you
Love marriages are always about struggle, aren't they?
This one could've helped an individual grow one's faith exceptionally though

The definition of travelling is so messed up in our culture/society
Staying in the five star hotels and eating food from restaurants present all across the world
Really? What did you learn? That it's all the same everywhere?
You could do that in your own city and not look outside the window of the hotel room. Haha!
[It's like someone gifting you an electronic gadget on a particular occasion, and in your head you're like; it could've been bought at any point of time after saving up enough; you didn't manufacture it, did you? So what was your (not the money's) effort in it? Yes, I'm weird.]
We don't know our own country well but we love to comment on it every now and then
Trying the local cuisines, using the public transport, exploring an area, that's what it's supposed to be all about!

I have to mention this;
My friend, who is now a mother to a nine months old,
inspires me with her take on motherhood!
She is a rare example in this generation for those of us who haven't walked on her path yet.
And because it kills me a little every single time I see people around me confident that there is nothing that they could possibly learn of/from...
She is the complete opposite of that :)

Life can be as messed up as you make it.
You'll be surrounded by people at one point, and feel like there isn't a single person who's like you and then you'd have one person miles away understanding that there's something not right, just by the punctuation used in your sentences.

You're making fun of someone and you don't mean to hurt that person at all? Fair enough. Keep that person's nature in mind before doing anything. Things that don't hurt you, won't hurt them either : is the worst assumption ever. You don't know that what you're saying or doing would or wouldn't hurt them. I just fail to understand why people keep taking others around them for granted.

You have to keep your freaking equation right with some people, because you're stuck there, and for that, you have to be fake
One of the most difficult things for me to do
Why do we humans complicate everything?
Why can't people just get it? You're a certain way for a reason, and you reacted a certain way for a reason (no, the humans who don't think before opening their mouth aren't included in this list)
You want something, you want something
You love someone, you love someone
Since when did it all become about approval and agreeing with each other's opinions?
You are different god dammit. Ofcourse you wouldn't like what I like or who I like.
But why exactly is that important?
The biggest problem with us humans is; one half is seeking for validation, and the other half thinks they must validate it because it's their basic right and they were born to do just that.
There are such few people out there who actually let you be. Whoever you are, and however you are, they let you be. There is no effort needed with these people. No effort to make a conversation, no effort to laugh/smile. It's effortless because you can share silence with them without thinking even for a second that it could be awkward. These are the kind of people who get you. And most times, one doesn't find such people easily. Because you know, it can't be all that easy.

"If you are like most people, then like most people, you don't know you're like most people."

Selfish. That's what we all are.
We want things our way. We discount other's feelings on the account that it's okay to, because we have problems too. Umm, hello.. We all have problems, and unconditional love is too rare, and it doesn't work the way you think it will.

"Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone's lifestyle, you must fear or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don't have to compromise convictions to be compassionate."

Whenever you think how messed up life is for you,
always remember that there are people hoping they manage to get past just one more day without any more troubles.

"You should always have an opinion" is the most bizarre statement I've heard!

Mad World - Hardwell
Starlight (Could You Be Mine) - Don Diablo & Matt Nash
Waiting for Love - Avicii
Strong Ones - Armin van Buuren
Young Again - Hardwell

When you've also been blessed enough to have a friend who writes to you like one would to one's diary :)

An eighty-three-year-old lady with more strength than I've seen in most people
When the closest person to her passed away forty years ago
and she also lost a child of hers eventually
She's someone who's really felt loss
And I'm a firm believer of the fact that one has to face real loss in life, to get out of their bubble
Oh yes, we're all in our own bubbles

The ones who have lesser than us tend to give more than us. It's true!
The driver named Vicky, gave away his bag of peanuts to the boy who asked for food at the window of the car..
And even though I wished I'd have had something edible with me (like in Bombay; Gems) on that day, but I didn't and he did.

It is important to keep meeting people who are different from you!
(for your own personal growth in many ways..)
The reason behind that thought is a girl I met, a few months back, someone very ambitious, who told me about a story of a person who lived in the slums of Mumbai and got through the Stanford MBA on one hundred percent scholarship! People like those are the ones setting examples for the rest of us.

HDFC Life Ad Campaign
~ Another wonderful advertisement :)

Because I started working with an NGO recently...
(yes, it is supposed to be 'an' NGO and not 'a' NGO
The articles are used before an abbreviation/word depending on the pronunciation of the first alphabet in that particular word! Phonetically, yes. So, because in this abbreviation, the N is pronounced as enn, which again begins with a vowel, therefore the 'an'. Haha. Yes, let's face it that we've all wondered about this at some point in our lives before.)

Going back to my primary thought,
Because I started working with an NGO recently;
Make A Difference
The experience so far has obviously been enlightening!
My next post will be only about that :)

There's a part of me that can't wait for the next chapter of my life to begin, a part of me that wants to be there for these kids in many ways, for as long as possible, and a part that wants to go away.

Because it is the people of Mumbai who make it Bombay :)
In their Marathi, the sorted!, the obvious vada pav
The food that added to my happiness:
Chicken Tikka roll from Sigdi, Chip Butty from Theobroma, Sardar Pav Bhaji (no, it's not meant for you if you're not a street food person or if you're concerned about your immunity getting disturbed because of all the butter and the utensils used) and the gol gappe from Right Place (Amarsons)

The typical business class families have so much to learn from the middle class. So much!
It just amazes me every single time I see a confident individual around, and most of the times, the confidence is backed by the wealth inherited. Haha. I find that hilarious.

Because good food makes life better!
And so does Chai :)

"Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they're finished."
- Daniel Gilbert

PS- Happy New Year :)