Monday, November 15, 2010

A corner of my mind

A song, which is played during the new Vodafone delight advertisements, is nice. A very soothing tune and simple lyrics. 'The little things you do for me and nobody makes me feel good; The little things you do for me,
making me smile and no one else could; That's why I like to sit next to you and listen to your mad stories..' :)

I taught my maid how to write a sentence, it felt good. But, then again, not everyone accepts that with a smiling face you see. I mean, at first she was happy that she finally knows how to write her own name I guess. But then, she didn't really want to finish the work that I'd given her, which was, two pages of one line which said 'Mera naam Meenuti Mandal hai.' in hindi, with a 'poorna-viraam' in the end.

Taare Zameen Par, the movie, was coming on tv yesterday, and I remember seeing it with my family in the theatre on my birthday the year it got released. I was studying in a boarding school that time and all four of us cried while seeing the movie as we could relate to what it feels like, going away from home.
Even though, I might have seen that movie, I don't know how many times, but yesterday, I cried while watching a movie after long.

Titanic - I most certainly will never get sick of it. Not like I've seen it a lot of times though, I wonder why my friend asked me yesterday, 'Aren't you sick of it?' And, I said, 'No, and I will never be.'

Urmm, Zac Efron is *hot*. :O
Hehe, I generally don't talk like that. But yeah, that's a very rare side of me.

..I wonder how hard it can be, to trust people.
Also, the idea of a pen pal is good. A person you've never seen or spoken to. You can say things you feel you can't/don't want to, to any other person, maybe even a close friend of yours, for that matter.

People who do the right things always and make the most appropriate choice always also like to go crazy sometimes and make the wrong decision knowing it is wrong, you know. Like the girl in Freaks and Geeks and High School Musical.
A friend of mine, a very intelligent person, did the same thing when he got an opportunity, like something big.
I guess it's fine to let them go crazy sometimes. It's only funny when it comes to reacting to situations like these, you know..when you are friends with people like that, who are doing great in their life undoubtedly, and they will do really well later as well. But, they're kinda sick of choosing the right path 'always'. I mean, seriously, I don't know why, but, I feel like reacting by saying, 'Oh, come on!' Haha.

Hmm, thinking about how efficiently a painter can express him/her self in the form of colours.. I feel, so can a writer. And here, I don't mean by using incomprehensible words or rather words which are not understood by the mob or not used in day to day life. But, instead, the way of presenting the whole chain of thought, you know. And, the conciseness and brevity of it.

It feels nice to see a cobbler sitting on the street doing crossword. :)
Yes, I'm talking about Mumbai here. I came across a sight like that, one of the days, when they were one of those few good days.

"I'd never given much thought to how I would die, but dying in the place of someone I love, seems like a good way to go." The lines from Twilight. I really like them. And, they have crossed my mind a couple of times.

"I don’t remember you looking any better
Then again I don’t remember,
don't remember you.." - really like! John Mayer has sung that song alluringly.

The title of this post. I've thought of making it the name of my blog. Hmm, I guess, I'll change it soon.
Of course, the present one was taken from the movie, 'Wake up sid'. I don't deny that, at all. But, it's only because, I could relate to the character of Konkana Sen Sharma in that movie, somehow.

Another quote, "You’re going to come across people in your life who will say all the right words at all the right times. But in the end, it’s always their actions you should judge them by. Its actions, not words, that matter." ~ The Rescue.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Anger. There are some people who get irrational sometimes, and there are some who beat you in stubbornness and refuse to make a conscious effort to look from the other person's point of view! I mean, how can you not know the whole story and pass judgments already? I feel like saying, 'Dude, what is with you?'

Every time I get angry. I write. I've always expressed my anger in writing. In school, if I had an argument with a friend or I was pissed off with anything else, all I needed at those times was a pen and a piece of paper and I would go on writing. There were times, when a friend had to literally come and take the pen away from my hand and stop me, because, it had been hours since I had been on it. I don't know if I've mentioned before that I am a sensitive person and that is one thing I have really been trying to work on since quite some time. And, I have succeeded to an extent.

Things change in time. Everybody knows that. And, so do people. Par, mera yeh maan na hai ki, waqt badalta nahi hai. Guzarta hai. Log waqt ke saath apne aap ko badal lete hain. There are those who are willing to change and those who are forced to. Only the few who remain are the ones, who have managed to be themselves all along no matter what. I wouldn't put myself in any of the three mentioned categories.

I have learnt to control my anger in time. And, when it came to situations where you're out somewhere with your family and it isn't school anymore and there is something which is playing with your head. And, the only way you have learnt to take it 'all' out in the best possible manner is through writing, which is, my case here. You are not in a very good situation. The crankiness builds up and all the things piled up in your head come out like word vomit on someone you didn't want it to come out on.

High school life, or may I say College life, is not anywhere close to something like the movie, 'High School Musical'. Is it? Well, in my case, it isn't remotely close to that. I won't say, I wish it were like that. Because, come on, it's a movie. But, I would say, why not? And, you can't really put the blame on someone or the system, because, this is how it's always been. Things are different in different countries. And yes, I'm reminded of a line said by one of my fellow friends, 'The lesser you know, the merrier you are.' That's true. But then again, there are contradictions.


I heard this song right now. It's called 'Lifesize'. It was played at the end of one of the episodes of 'How I Met Your Mother'. Yes, that's how I remembered I had to hear it again.
Will end by the two lines of it's chorus; 'Larger than lifesize we become
Great in the eyes of someone.'

Friday, November 12, 2010


Sometimes, things hit your harder than you thought. And, there are people who put you down to the extent you never imagined. It hurt you. But, you can't help but remind yourself of all that they've done for you. It is always important to put yourself in the other one's shoes. And, he/she might be wrong as you know it. But, the person has done way too much for you and you can't be angry for long. Hmm.

*Sigh* Yes, another post after a while. ..Just revolving around people and not really Mumbai or Gwalior. Life. It teaches us a lot. Right? And, when I come to think of know, when one is on their deathbed..what do you do about all that you learnt and all that life taught you.. It ends with you right there. Right? The 'journey' of it I've mentioned earlier as well, is indeed the most important part of it all.

Things being rubbed on your face by a stranger hit you harder than you thought sometimes, you know. You are made to face what, deep inside, you didn't want to. Everybody likes living in a fantasy world. Who doesn't..? And, most of the people I know, believe that fantasy is way better than the reality we're living in. But, aren't we being too judgmental? I mean, both are made by us only..Right? It is we, who have instilled it in our bloody heads that reality can't be better than our fantasy world.

Hmm, I read this quote by Aristotle yesterday;  "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." And, I liked the meaning of it very much. And, of course, the preciseness of it.

It means tolerance for another point of view. One might have their own opinion but is willing to respect another opinion. To be able to have a broad outlook. To be able to entertain a thought and let it play around in your mind while you consider it from all angles, and then, based upon reasoning and logic, you accept it, or not.

There is more. Much more. And, it'll come in time. I guess.
Blogging is nice. But, there'll always remain a difference in typing out what you have in mind and writing it on a piece of paper. I wrote in my diary a few days back. It felt good.