Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Happy Republic Day.
And, its 11:59 am at this very moment so, a very Good Morning too! (Honestly, it was 11:59 that time.) Its obviously afternoon now! :P
Umm..yesterday ~ "It was a good day. =)" I was really really touched by one of my friends.
Well, I was also told by someone that I wrote down the entire public speaking competition on the previous post, which the person found quite dumb. But, that didn't make me feel that I should edit the post or amend it or for that matter, delete it.
Whatever I write here, is what is on my mind at that paricular moment (date and time displayed at the end of the post..!)
I wrote all that came to my head instantly at that moment. It was a sense of realization. Realization about where India is going. Realization about general knowledge being poor. Realization about the constant changes taking place around me.
Currently, one of my favourite lines, quoted from a textbook by one of my teachers in class :
"There is a new disease in the business world today and it's called business anxiety."
I like it. :)
The friend who has really made me change my views about himself writes well :)
The best feeling is when you get more from a person, whom you expected the least from and nothing at all from a person whom you expected a lot from.
Moral : Never expect anything from anyone :)

Umm..this much for now, and, I love quotations.
So, ending with one,
"If it's not worth doing then it's not worth doing well."

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Life is not all about eating gol-gappas or wai-wai..! Its not just about having fun..doing vella-panti or being with friends all the time! One needs to do something constructive in life as well.
Attended a public speaking competition in my college today. I love my college!
Terrorism, Indian culture, Society, being urself, underdeveloped countries, copenhagen summit 2009, men and women..
Several interesting topics were discussed and looked at from one's point of view.

18 suicides in 20 days in Mumbai, meaning of the word appraise - evaluate, judge..
Residents of India knowing the name of the wife of the US President, Barack Obama ~ Michelle obama..and NOT knowing the husband's name of Mrs. Pratibha Patil..!!! ~ Mr. Devisingh Ransingh Shekhawat.

Clark Kent ~ Superman.
Only when he has powers, everyone knows that he is SUPERMAN. Otherwise, he is nobody!
There were people asked about who is the current 'President' of india..and some college students answered Dr. Manmohan Singh!!! There were some who replied with a confident smile on their face, "Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh"..!!!
4 out of 50 people could answer who the vice-president of India is.
The answer being Mohammad Hamid Ansari!
There are people..if you ask them..who is the President of Pakistan?
There will be answers like Pervez Musharraf. There will be few who would say Asif Ali Zardari.
Today's day in college has moved me quite a lot. I feel good about the fact that one is reminded of all such topics in life..as there are those who live in their own world..n not bother about anything around..and a quote comes to my mind..'dust to dust returneth'.

And I love this one ~ "Some say the World will end in Fire, Some say in Ice. From what I've tasted of Desire I hold with Those who favour Fire. But If I had to perish twice,
I think I would know enough of Hate to say that for Destruction,
Ice would also be great and would Suffice."

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bits and pieces

All that I'm gonna write right now, about 80% of it was written on the 15th of december at 4:35 pm. Yes, it is an extract from my diary. Have to fill you up with the good memories of the past na! :)
Okay, so this is how it goes..
"NEW GIRL IN THE CITY" (that was written in my diary for the first time. That's why, in bold. Lol.)
$ Hot n cold $ (means, was listening to that song at that time.)

..Life gives you so much in so many different ways. But then, you have to return/give it back to life one day, and one should be mentally prepared for that.
Me, an *almost* new girl, have been in this city for 5 months. Mumbai. Life is different here. Everything happening around you is changing all the time. It is fast. People rushing from one platform to another, running towards the moving bus and grabbing the handle, holding firm to the local (local train)...

Sometimes, it gives you a shock all together! Just like the way, I got one today.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Oops. I wrote to you even before I wrote to my diary today! Its a little easier to type but the feeling of writing on paper with a pen in the hand is different. Its just the way..a person can read a book online or read it in print and turn the pages of the book and express his/her self to the book and also smell the book! Damn. I don't know why I said all that..because I can't read books for nuts! But, I do understand the love humans have for books. I like going to book fairs and I even enjoy standing at a book store even when I don't read. I like the whole feeling of Me being able to have a look at so many books and I try and remember their authors! Lol. I know that's a little weird but that's who I am.
'Be who you are and say what u feel because those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter.' I personally believe that this life is too short to be anybody else. So, always be yourself.

Good times :)

I'm missing Mayo! :( I'd never thought I'd miss it so much.
Had wai-wai, maggi [semi-cooked] n gol-gappe moments today! :) 3 good friends and Me.
Have missed, only the awesome 'mayo fudge-cake' moment!
I have been in a boarding school for 6 years. Its been a great experience and I know what I've gained. :) Umm..quite tired at the moment but have to express my feelings to Anonymous ~ my best friend.

I love writing.
Will get back to you in some time.
The data card is working normally now. So, will definitely tell you all that I have in my head.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weird Weird Day. I wrote most of that at 7:04 pm.

My second post.

Hmm. Today was a very weird day. I can say something like so much happened and then nothing happened at the same time. Today morning, when I crossed the road and reached the other side of it..
I saw this girl in specs and a grey sweatshirt, with her cellphone in her hand, talking to somebody on the phone, walking towards her car. As she sat in the car, her driver took off. A bag across her shoulder, lay.
And, she seemed very comfortable and confident. After looking at her, as in her age, she must be a college student or might not be. :/

I could picture myself studying in some college of Jaipur and going to college by car! Eeww. I found myself better walking on the road with a dirty water puddle next to where I walked. [I know it's not been raining in Mumbai, but honestly speaking, there was a puddle! I'm not making this up to make it sound interesting or anything.]

It is an experience to stay in another city, travel by the local bus all alone, with people around you sweating. The feeling of independence. When you have to manage your budget, and calculate how much you've spent and you have an idea about when you'd be able to have Baskin Robbins ka double scoop (for Rs.90 inclusive of taxes) next! :P
It's not like you are short of money or you are not given enough.
It's just that you try and save and, you know exactly where you spent.

P.S. - I love Mumbai!

Monday, January 11, 2010

11th January, 2010

My roomie just made this for Me! Her name is Alisha. I like her name. :P
Have lots to tell you! Will get back to you soon.
Is waqt itna hee..
Gari :D