Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bits and pieces

All that I'm gonna write right now, about 80% of it was written on the 15th of december at 4:35 pm. Yes, it is an extract from my diary. Have to fill you up with the good memories of the past na! :)
Okay, so this is how it goes..
"NEW GIRL IN THE CITY" (that was written in my diary for the first time. That's why, in bold. Lol.)
$ Hot n cold $ (means, was listening to that song at that time.)

..Life gives you so much in so many different ways. But then, you have to return/give it back to life one day, and one should be mentally prepared for that.
Me, an *almost* new girl, have been in this city for 5 months. Mumbai. Life is different here. Everything happening around you is changing all the time. It is fast. People rushing from one platform to another, running towards the moving bus and grabbing the handle, holding firm to the local (local train)...

Sometimes, it gives you a shock all together! Just like the way, I got one today.

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