Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Happy Republic Day.
And, its 11:59 am at this very moment so, a very Good Morning too! (Honestly, it was 11:59 that time.) Its obviously afternoon now! :P
Umm..yesterday ~ "It was a good day. =)" I was really really touched by one of my friends.
Well, I was also told by someone that I wrote down the entire public speaking competition on the previous post, which the person found quite dumb. But, that didn't make me feel that I should edit the post or amend it or for that matter, delete it.
Whatever I write here, is what is on my mind at that paricular moment (date and time displayed at the end of the post..!)
I wrote all that came to my head instantly at that moment. It was a sense of realization. Realization about where India is going. Realization about general knowledge being poor. Realization about the constant changes taking place around me.
Currently, one of my favourite lines, quoted from a textbook by one of my teachers in class :
"There is a new disease in the business world today and it's called business anxiety."
I like it. :)
The friend who has really made me change my views about himself writes well :)
The best feeling is when you get more from a person, whom you expected the least from and nothing at all from a person whom you expected a lot from.
Moral : Never expect anything from anyone :)

Umm..this much for now, and, I love quotations.
So, ending with one,
"If it's not worth doing then it's not worth doing well."


  1. Oh My! You have been writing this blog for 5 years! This is so inspiring, I like the bit where you write that you didn't edit or delete your post even though someone called it lame (I wont use the word you have used, I am a lil anal, aren't i?)
    Maybe, I will one day get inspired to start a blog, atleast anonymously in the beginning or hidden haha :D!
    lets see when that day comes... but you are doing a great job, its so much fun to read your blog :D!