Thursday, January 14, 2010

Good times :)

I'm missing Mayo! :( I'd never thought I'd miss it so much.
Had wai-wai, maggi [semi-cooked] n gol-gappe moments today! :) 3 good friends and Me.
Have missed, only the awesome 'mayo fudge-cake' moment!
I have been in a boarding school for 6 years. Its been a great experience and I know what I've gained. :) Umm..quite tired at the moment but have to express my feelings to Anonymous ~ my best friend.

I love writing.
Will get back to you in some time.
The data card is working normally now. So, will definitely tell you all that I have in my head.


  1. to anonymous best frend?i always thot u neva believed in best frenz...

  2. @ Surabhi, I didn't believe in those two words until I got into College. And, I still doubt I do.
    But, if I were ever asked to name a best friend, it had always been 'Anonymous'. :)