Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Human beings and validation

"Every word has consequences.
Every silence, too."

The more you do for someone, the more they’ll expect the next time. Don’t keep being the giver. Make a conscious effort to strike a balance. It sucks but it’s the truth. The ones you confide in with matters of the heart, will be the ones taking you for granted. And as a bonus, if you can provide financial support and have the heart to keep giving… you’ll realise much later where you should’ve stopped yourself.
A mother’s tears speak volumes
Don’t explain yourself too much always. Your words will be mistaken for trying to justify a point you never began to explain with that intention. You were only explaining because you purely felt like you were sharing your thoughts, out of habit.
"There’s a message in the way a person treats you,
just listen…"

Anyone who is close to you in your life must be accepting of your flaws and nature.
Because if that person isn’t, it’s going to be a problem, as somewhere that hope of you changing bit by bit will never go away. Regardless of whether this person accepts that he/she would want you to change your basic nature, make sure that you have sensed the underlying meaning in the words spoken by your loved one, as a pattern.
It’s so amazing to see a difference of opinion from an individual when it comes to you, and when the same thing is applicable to another close person in their lives, it’ll vary to a great degree.
Marriage, it’s not for everybody. Tons of patience, expectations, tolerance. It’s an endless coping process.
You have to be able to reassure the right people in your life
and by right, I mean, the ones you take for granted!
The power of reassuring and apologising is truly underestimated.

There is no point in you displaying affection when there is no reciprocation from the other end due to prior experiences
Don’t let yourself suffer because of a river of emotions

Most people don’t think as much as you think they do!
What has gotten into the millennial generation that they’ve completely forgotten how to speak to their parents?
Not many people will understand the intensity of your emotions. They don’t feel every tiny little thing as deeply as you do. So always aim to not let their words have power over you. It’s amazing how you’ll be judged. Again and again. They judge you by your silence and by your expressiveness.
You are your only truest friend in life and the sooner you accept that with a smile on your face, the happier you’ll be :)
"Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them."

There is no fairytale
There is never going to be one
It’s far from rosy, and it’ll always be

Life is nothing but a ride
Just depends on your state of mind, when you realise you’re on it 
Enjoying solitude will help you heal those parts of you, you thought were healed but actually aren’t.
Money is certainly not everything, but it does solve a lot of problems. #Kalyug
People won’t get you the way you expect them to.
That’s because and will always be because they’re thinking from their level of perception always.
There is no relationship that’s full of roses without thorns
The thorns might be too many and piercing in some
But that’s how it is

What will you do about it?
You are always being compared even when you’re told otherwise
Everyone’s brain works a certain way
As an individual who’s a parent, one must remember that you’re forming a child’s questions and answers
You are contributing in every way to a child’s thoughts who you’re raising up or even interacting with
I don’t get why women are always looking for validation from a guy
No, you don’t need it
I rarely see a man who isn’t confident about himself and seeking the same from the opposite gender
Find the sort of person who doesn’t judge you during your worst moments and celebrates your best ones to the fullest.
– Ankita Mahabir
(a senior from school, in one of her articles)
The world is disturbed
Syria attacks and people dying, so many innocent children suffering due to no fault of theirs
The media is always focusing on coming up with sensationalised headlines, and depressing news, instead of maybe reflecting on positivity or philanthropy at some level
Sons are sons
Daughters are liabilities
No matter what you say, hear or believe
That is the harsh truth
This is an old one;
"Sometimes the nicest people you meet are covered in tattoos and the most judgmental people you meet go to Church on Sundays."
So if you’re an empath, a words person, and reading this
Here’s something you must remember ~
Don’t let anyone tell you that you should change yourself for being the sensitive one :)
The power of storytelling, self-awareness
The sad part about being an empath is that you will always be taken for granted. You’re a good judge of people because you can sense who they are for real behind the masks they wear, and not how they are on the basis of their appearance or how they portray themselves in front of the world.
You can see through people, but not everyone can, especially the naive ones out there. And because you’re always looking to receive genuine vibes, you’re unusually alert when you don’t receive even a little bit of those. But when you warn another person about the same, you’ll definitely be blamed for having a negative outlook, and preconceived notions.
The worst part about being on, is to feel everything.
Such is life. Such are human beings.
It’s amazing the kind of questions people ask sometimes
I mean, honestly, it isn’t even about whether you have any common sense at all whatsoever
Because that again is quite subjective and depends on your exposure in life anyway
But really, it’s about whether or not you applied your brain to its maximum capacity and tried to figure out an answer or look up google, in the first place!

But no, why would one do that when it’s easier to not think at all and ask questions amongst a group of people.. I’m not even considering our parents generation here, they’re exceptions and a different breed of homo sapiens
Such amazingness is only reflected by the awesome millennials!
"You cannot force someone to comprehend a message that they are not yet ready to receive, but never underestimate the power of planting a seed."

People running after fame, money or success often forget their families in the rat race.
They lose themselves in the process and the worst part is that they don’t realise or admit it..
It’s 12-year-olds like Alex who will change the world.
~ A must watch video, thanks to Ellen for being who she is!
When you notice a pattern
in a person’s behaviour

in life,
connect the dots…
it’s all connected!
"Never confuse education with intelligence."

These board results coming out, and the 99% average (meaning 100 in more than one subject), just reminds me of how much people have forgotten to differentiate between knowledge and education, as always, in our country! The system can never be truly impactful, unless it recognises the difference between a person’s marks and the capabilities of an individual.
"Magic happens when you don’t give up, even though you want to.
The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart."

Monday, March 20, 2017

Feeling how you felt, only makes you human

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice."

The people in your life are supposed to make it all easier
If they're making it difficult, you know you must question the relationship!

It's always going to be about how one has been conditioned through life
It's why we see some people as really graceful beings, respectful not just towards elders, but just by nature while speaking to anyone, it's in the way they speak and their tone
and then of course there are those who think they're perfectionists and everyone should just live serving to fulfil their wishes and demands

"It's a little strange to actually get an award for being nice and generous and kind, which is what we're all supposed to do with one another. That's the point of being a human."
- Ellen DeGeneres

The impact of that on a human being is just so undervalued!
A child you're raising and pampering today is going to be someone's husband/wife tomorrow, someone's father/mother

Situational behaviour
It really depends on whether you make it a big deal or not
and that will depend on the kind of people/thoughts you surround yourself with
So if you make it a big deal, it will definitely be a task/challenge for you, because you've already convinced yourself that it's not going to be manageable
So don't make everything a big deal... Let it be!
You'll be able to deal with it all as it comes, if you believe that you can, and that you'll take it as it comes

It's surprising how the generation right before mine is more messed up in their thoughts and attitude towards life, than mine!
Thinking you're always right is death to the brain God has given you to wonder, stay curious and exercise your imaginative abilities

Some things, you should never tell anyone
Not even your best friend
Especially when you're aware that you and the other person have drastically different views on a particular subject
It's one thing to have identified the disagreement, acknowledge it and come to terms with it
It's another to share more views on the same
You'll only hurt yourself in the process

Bring up your child with love and chores.
Anyone who has an MBA but hasn't been brought up with a habit of doing chores, will not be able to mould.
(in discussion with a very wise friend, when we talked about parenting, after she'd heard these views on a ted talk)

Passengers, the movie
How her mind works and he feels that something written by her is what he can relate to so much, it's as if it was written just for him
Without knowing/meeting this person ever, but having spent months thinking about how this person could be as a partner in life
She writes, but had never written about herself
Arthur, the robot who doesn't have a heart obviously, only follows instructions, can't feel, but his character is portrayed in a manner that it can be deceiving even for a human, with regard to trust

"When you have been trying to fix a problem for too long
Let go of what you can't control for sometime
Live a little" - a robot saying that to a human

It's so strange how we humans work
We want to live in a world dominated by technology
But look for nature when that's the case

"Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one who finds the gold."

Life isn't always about proving a point
To your partner
To your parent
To the world
To another person

I'm not sure still, after all these years, if humans pay for their karma or not, considering we see rapists in our country walking free, let alone those who get a high after hurting another person's feelings

There's only so much you can do
You explain a viewpoint
You observe a certain aspect a number of times in many ways
But if the person you're trying to show your perspective to, through your eyes, refuses to see what you see
You're only making attempts in vain
Not only because this person will never get it, but because even if this person eventually does get what you see now, it'll be too late

When you trust people without the fear that your trust might be broken by them, you will be surprisingly happier in life!

When you have tried your best to explain something to someone
Or you shared your thoughts
But the other person just doesn't get it because he/she is only going to be looking at it from his/her level of perception

"The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life."

When you feel everything too deeply
Not only are you the only one getting hurt
You're the only one feeling how you're feeling
People don't think about how you feel unless they know that feeling

Everything in life doesn't have to be compared
Everyone's struggles are different
Just because one's trouble doesn't seem as much to you because you've faced a lot more in life already, doesn't make their troubles small/petty
You don't know how one deals with it all really
We all deal with stuff in our own ways

The lesser number of friends, the better they say?
You're more at peace and in sync with knowing who'll be there for you no matter what
and that you don't need to be in touch or show affection in anyway sometimes
It's all just understood between the two people

We dwell in it as a species
No matter what the degree of it is
We act as per our convenience, we speak in sync with our benefit
Even if it is a little thing like making a call, we don't usually keep the other person's situation/convenience in mind, in personal life
That's when we're taking things for granted, bit by bit

"And many prefer not to exercise their imaginations at all. They choose to remain comfortably within the bounds of their own experience, never troubling to wonder how it would feel to have been born other than they are..."
~ some of my favourite words from the Harvard commencement speech given by J.K. Rowling

We always only think from our level of perception, no matter what the situation
It's amazing that the people you consider empathetic and observant in your life, are the ones who don't see what you see
and then you realise that only time will give certain answers to them
because time does give answers, especially to those who choose to stay silent

Instead of accepting each other's flaws, differences, nature, way of thinking... one is always trying to show the other person how he/she is wrong in his/her thought process and this is what he/she could do to become better or more flexible
How does one's nature and way of perceiving have anything to do with being rigid anyway?
Okay, maybe a little.

People showing they care, in front of others, time and again, are the kinds who have major insecurities in life
I mean, you don't have to show it in front of anyone or prove it to anyone
If you care, it's understood, just by the person you are and the vibe you give out rather than the words you speak amongst a group of people on purpose, to show that you do
I absolutely detest it when people do it for the world or in front of other naive humans, demonstrating the same by being unusually explicit about it, as if it needs validation every time

When you don't expect too much from a situation or from the people in your life, you'll be less disappointed in life in general, for sure

It sucks when you care too much. You realise that the other person is better with those, who don't care even half as much as you. It's true!

You expect your best friend to understand your viewpoint or be in sync with your thought, when you share how you feel about a particular situation or what you sensed, but when he/she isn't on the same page as you, and is confident or perhaps has chosen to not feel how you feel
You really can't do anything except for time and situations to make your friend see what you see
I may have been repetitive about this point, in this post, but I cannot seem to emphasise on it enough.


You think everyone means what they say because you mean everything you say, and that's where you've gone completely wrong.

The definition of being modern is still so messed up in our society. People think angrezi and clothes do it. Soch ko theek nahi karna lekin.

When your day is made from conversations with two wonderful and genuine souls
A call from an old, and favourite teacher, after years
and a well-wisher who strongly believes that you and her have a connection from the past life
The feeling is indescribable! :)

"You think it's normal to feel everything so deeply, so you expect the same from other people. Well, don't; because it's not normal. It's not normal at all. It's rare. It's precious. It's actually amazing how the things which don't even brush their hearts, somehow manage to burn a hole in yours."

PS- Happy New Year!
2017 seems to be flying already!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

You don't have to stay broken

"We don't have to agree on anything to be kind to one another."

It is still the hardest job to continue to stay who you are while people keep pulling you down or atleast don't give up on trying to change you
Oh humans... people feel the way they feel for a reason and they think the way they think for a reason
Empaths will get affected by everything you say to them because words hurt.

If only someone could take away the pain and burden of knowing how strongly someone close in your life disagrees with your decision
Life is ... about being happy apparently
But at the cost of?
So, based on your assumptions that you'd be happy in the future, you jump into the unknown?

It's all about choices.

Why is it that human contact is in fact so necessary, that without it, there's lack of validation and a sense of incompleteness, with regard to the purpose of existence?

What is it?
You trust your partner to love you as much as you love him/her with all your heart and never hurt you or break you knowing he/she has the power to.

When you keep your phone away for a day,
Digital detox is really important when we're living in a world dominated by technology!

It's important to you when you don't have enough of it. It's not as important to you when you have enough of it (exceptions are the self-made people). And I guess that's pretty much applicable to anything in life.

"Psychology says, people who hide their feelings usually care the most."

A human's emotions coming out on another person. Once in a while is one thing, every time is another. Marriage surely isn't for everybody. In the words of a wise woman, an excellent dessert maker, "marriage is compromise." And that's the thing, what if one can't keep doing that?

Why is it that the society doesn't allow/permit a girl to live with her parents for life, but a son can and in fact is expected to, even if/when he doesn't want/wish to?

The one thing I handle in the worst way: uncertainty ahead
But that's the thing
You just need to plunge into the unknown to find out for yourself what is out there
Even if it means taking the big decisions in life
You won't know the answer to your 'what if' if you don't

People will take you for granted, they will check your patience level
No matter what on earth you do for them or anyone who means the world to them
They will take advantage of your adjusting and giving nature till the point that you don't speak up about being hurt/affected by their words/actions
These are the opposite of humble.

One of the worst feelings in life is not knowing why you've come so far
It's a sad, sad state when you don't have an answer to your 'why' with regard to the path you've been on for so long or rather fought for
...and you begin to doubt yourself. Don't ever let yourself do that!

Sarson ka saag made by my mother is probably one of the finest creations that I've had the privilege of tasting almost every year during winters...

How is a person expected to take a plunge in life and be at one's best at the same time?

That satisfying feeling when you give bones to the stray dogs outside your house on a late dinner night, especially when you didn't eat yourself :)

Why don't people question their sons as much as they question their daughters?

There is no space left for certain emotions in some people's lives
They've had that much to deal with, that they don't know what it's like to show that extra concern towards themselves or even for a person they love dearly
It's true.

Indians giving bouquets to each other on an occasion: waste of money and the flowers!
(keeping the exceptions aside)
The next day, you'll see the flowers in the dustbin. Very few actually make the effort to take the flowers out of the plastic, and probably put them in a vase with water even for a day.

And the Indian festivals that lead to people buying flowers worth hundreds of rupees, I mean, come on, you can make someone's life better with that much money. Because even if you do use those flowers to decorate your homes for a day, the next day, those flowers are going to be in the bin only. But no, no, why should we think that much, when what's more important is decorating and clicking pictures of those flowers on the ground, and getting that validated by people you don't really care about. The people selling flowers in temples fall under a different category all together. That's their bread and butter. The ones who show up only and specifically during festivals have other jobs and means of earning.

When you don't need another person (not even your best friend) to tell you to look at the bright side or think of how blessed you are
Because it's not that you've forgotten even for a second (all the more because you're one to remind others around you to stay thankful), but you just wanted to be heard without any reason for a moment
I guess that's the difference between a human and a diary/dog, there is no response from the other end especially in terms of rationalisation in the case of the latter

"Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children."

Who'd want to be taunted for crying?
Yes, in some parts of this strange world... even crying is a taboo!

Work. You have to work hard. For yourself. For the point you're trying to prove to the most important people in your life that you can survive, all by yourself.

People living in a parallel universe...

You choose who you are.
Whether you choose to be at a certain place at a certain time, or with people who expected their presence to matter to you...matter to you more than your presence elsewhere.

There's something called 'personal touch' when it comes to taking care of your elders
The same action can be performed by a helper, but you doing it adds care to it in a way that no one else can fill that missing gap of care/affection

Life, especially the serious days of it, the ones we add seriousness to with all the problems in our head... Laugh it out. This is something I've finally started to implement. Something I learnt from an important person in my life.

You choose who you could be.

Different people get a high from different things ~
Saving lives as a doctor
Working for an ngo and changing lives
Proving others wrong around you
Yelling at domestic helpers/employees
Scolding someone younger to you
Making others feel bad for you
Inflicting pain on another person
Making a stranger happy
It's a matter of being in control with your own state of mind!

When it so happens that due to some of your own actions, your friends withdrew, without you realising what you said/did, and by the time you become aware of it, it's been a while, you must use all that time and energy you would've used on building a relationship further, towards building your career/educating yourself and becoming more aware of how you can progress in an area that will eventually help you in the future.

"You can meet someone tomorrow who has better intentions for you than someone you've known for years, time means nothing, character does."

Human beings hurt each other the most!

The difference between making a video and a scrapbook...for your mother
She wouldn't need battery in her phone to see it, or space to see/find it!
She can touch the book and go through it whenever she feels like without straining her eyes with the brightness of the screen in the middle of the night..

~ Music ~

Closer - The Chainsmokers [Boyce Avenue Cover]
Right Place Right Time - Olly Murs
Chocolate - The 1975
Faded - Alan Walker
Say You Won't Let Go - James Arthur
This Town - Niall Horan
All We Know - The Chainsmokers

Aashiq Tera - Sohail Sen
(from the movie Happy Bhag Jayegi)
The Breakup song - Jonita Gandhi
Nachde Ne Saare - Jasleen Royal
#OnRepeat #Bollywood

Closer - Kabira - The Chainsmokers
Blank Space - Mental Manadhil

Boyce Avenue covers are a kind of their own :)

If the luxuries are basic necessities for you (from the perspective of a layman), then you will never be content in life, because the variety is endless, and so your thirst to own/possess more will never die...

"Your complete inability to ever hide a single thing you felt" - That's me!
Me Before You ~ What a wonderful movie :')
Sometimes in life, the most beautiful things happen to people who think life won't be nice to them.
Life ~ it asks you to live it to the fullest. It expects you to consider it your duty to live it to the best of your abilities, for we all get one chance.
But then again, movies are movies for a reason.

It must be the first time that I've stopped believing that even parts of a movie can happen to one in reality
It's a lie, a big lie
No one will ever care for you like that, even the person who loves you the most.

The Best of Me ~ another movie that made me smile and made me question universe's ways of working and how destiny does say hello to you even if you try and run away from it. Loved it.

Some people's lives are only about hairstyles, makeup, dresses and parties ~ it's all about appearance

An important learning for myself,
If a person is of a very different nature than yours, and you just cannot understand or cannot relate with... Don't zone out or show it on your face
You don't know why that person is that way (upbringing, circumstances, apathetic by nature)

"People enter our lives for many reasons
Sometimes we are destined to help them on their journey
Sometimes they are there to help us grow
Sometimes they come to lead us to someone else
Sometimes they are there to show us what we do not want
Sometimes they come to remind us how beautiful we are
Sometimes they are there to teach us a lesson
Sometimes they come to show us how to love again
People don't always stay and sometimes it hurts
Just remember, everything happens for a reason...
Whether they stay or go...
...we will take a piece of them with us forever."

The thing is, when you don't wish to learn about some people's lives, you really shouldn't be made to. It only makes you hate it all.

What makes people think that money gives them power over others who don't have as much as them?
It's beyond me.
Insensitivity amongst the rich and educated is prevalent.
Thank goodness for people like J.K. Rowling and Melinda Gates.

I miss Bombay.
The feel that city gives you when you're there.

We've all read this somewhere or the other, but I'm going to repeat it here, because I really don't think it's said enough:
Money can not buy/teach you or your child: how to speak to someone, manners, behavioural ethics, basic etiquettes, and kindness!
The list can certainly be longer but I'll stop at that. Inherited wealth is the worst. It makes you look down upon people and you'll never even admit that, that has become a part of who you are. You're far from empathy. A wise friend once said to me, 'Garima, self made men aren't rich, they weren't born with it, they earned every penny themselves and so they're rich not in terms of money but in terms of their experiences, it's the next generation who's rich.'

Another thing is,
Common sense is not common in common people!
Goodness, we've all been blessed with a brain (okay, there are four different kinds apparently) and the same thinking capacity, but, humans just don't seem to want to use their heads enough. They call it overthinking when a person attempts to rationalise.

Your opinions start to matter less the day you have gone against one's decision and put your foot down.

Indian railway station - 9 pm - foggy - people stare because they believe it's their right and because it's the right thing to do - you want to go buy a packet of chips for yourself and for the driver who has come to drop you and a couple of more people - the first thought that crosses your mind as a female is - whether or not you should even walk by yourself to a counter that's at quite a distance - why - because that's how your country has always made you feel when you're out alone anywhere even for a minute!

The problem with most rich Indians is, they will look down upon anyone who A. earns less in general B. earns lesser than them C. cannot do anything for them D. whose colour doesn't appeal to their eyes E. whose job doesn't appeal to them
Ofcourse, there'd be exceptions to the above, but frankly, I can't stand the fact that people actually get to behave like that and get to convey as if they have some sort of power over another person, just because they think they do.

When a lady (your mother's age), talks confidently about how she didn't let her son pursue the course he wanted to, and made him stick to the realistic options/career path in life..
shows exactly what's wrong in the thought process of parents even today, when they don't see how not allowing their child to pursue a career of his/her own choice (a part of his/her passion) lead their children to only believe that they wouldn't have been able to pull it off/make a living with the same...

Before the Flood - so important for everyone to watch!!

In the words of Jim Carrey,

"My father could have been a great comedian, but he didn't believe that that was possible for him, and so he made a conservative choice. Instead, he got a safe job as an accountant. When I was 12 years old, he was let go from that safe job, and our family had to do whatever we could to survive. I learned many great lessons from my father, not the least of which was that you can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.
How will you serve the world?
What do they need that your talent can provide?
That's all you have to figure out.
As someone who's done what you're about to go and do, I can tell you from experience,
the effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.
Because everything you gain in life will rot and fall apart.
And all that will be left of you, is what was in your heart."

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dark realities and more

"Half the world is starving, the other half is trying to lose weight."

When the day begins on a pleasant note, but you knew that that won't stay for long, as nothing does

"To understand is to perceive patterns..."

There's that weight you carry inside of you, until you don't say it out loud or take it out just by sharing silence...
The other person has to have the perspicacity and power to reason, to know that you just need the silence to be shared for a while and the aggressive emotion will go away.. Because when you're the emotional one and start to get angry even when you've just missed someone a little too much, and although you're usually pretty good at conveying your thoughts, this one time you don't want to and want the other person to just get it.. But of course people don't always infer what you expect them to.. That only happens sometimes.. The rest of the times you probably just get lucky

Interacting with kids will always remain one of the greatest ways to learn something new!

Awaaz badha ne se, baat sahi nahi ho jaati!
(You don't become right by raising your volume!)

When movies like Udta Punjab are released in the Indian cinema...
Not only do you get to hear about controversies, you suddenly become more aware of the degree of the problem existing in that state! The people living in the state are far from the purpose of life and are in an existential crisis it seems. A dark movie with strong messages indeed. Excellent acting by the cast.

Why can't people live by the mantra that people who have a lot lesser than them are happier than they've ever been?

"Hold on to every genuine person you find. This generation has people driven by ego, money and status. As a result good souls are ruined daily. Keep your head up and be conscious of the energy you give out and connect with."

When you're in the middle of writing a post, and the lady who's the caretaker (apparently they're addressed as jaapa in Hindi) of your nephew, starts to share a bit more about her life... and you have your mouth open when she says she was married off to a forty year old man when she was twelve! She had her first child when she was just sixteen! And she's my age right now. She sounded happy that she was married off to him because he didn't take dowry!
You go back to realising how people think, and how their lives have been, and how each of them are going through unimaginable situations...
which is exactly why I absolutely dislike people who are not thankful, in our wonderful (whose definition of modern is probably less/westernised clothes and not thoughts) society!

People whining about trivial things and going on about it, always
COME ON. Look around for heaven's sake!
Such humans don't know the value of other humans and don't want to either.

"I have never understood why people go out of their way to put others down. Be a good person, it isn't that effing hard."

A number of people have died crossing the Mediterranean Sea in 2016
There are people who died in Orlando
The terrorist attacks are never ending ... all in the name of I don't know what!
There are rapes happening every minute in different parts of the world
There are people misbehaving
Some losing themselves whilst attempting to prove themselves to others
Some continue to live in their big bubbles where everything is flowery and nice
It makes you want to tell everyone around you, to just continue to be thankful!

The ultimate truth stated by Matt Haig in his book, Reasons to Stay Alive

Finding Dory
The emphasis laid on how an instinct is a natural ability
I recognised Ellen DeGeneres' voice without knowing it was hers :) She's too damn good.

This Sweet Love - James Yuill
Da Da Dasse - Kanika Kapoor
Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix) - Omi

The level of complexity in our bodies..
I'd blame the hormones for all the unexpected mood swings too!
The female body's behaviour and its relationship with one's age ~ something men must give thought to as well!

People will hurt you... time and again
yes, the same ones whom you gathered the courage to trust again
What are you going to do about it?
Don't let it break you!

"There are more fruits in a rich man's shampoo than in a poor man's plate."

We all have a tendency to surprise ourselves, we just have to want to test our abilities in the right direction to that extent
Things happen, life has better plans for us sometimes
We just got to take it all one day at a time
The choices you make, some of them might turn out to be harder than you'd thought
But regret never fixes anything
You just got to deal with it the best way possible

"A dog has no use for fancy cars, big homes, or designer clothes. A water log stick will do just fine. A dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb. Give him your heart and he'll give you his. How many people can you say that about? How many people can make you feel rare and pure and special? How many people can make you feel extraordinary?"

If someone ever tells you to change yourself, stay away from that person
Why should you change just because you're sensitive and let things get to you fast?
You are who you are for a reason

When you're too tired of explaining yourself, of keeping up, of controlling your tears.. that you just want to give up.. You don't know where to draw the strength from
The part that's the worst throughout the above is that the people pulling you down are the ones you never thought would be the ones!

No one's guidance or advice is going to help with regard to knowing how to be the right one in a marriage, or how to be a parent, because no one is going to tell you time and again that it's going to be hard, and that everyone has a very unique experience of their own
No body prepares you for the hardest jobs in the world ~ managing relationships
While you're overwhelmed and unable to take it, you react in ways that damage them too much
What you may have to give up during that journey/phase of life is also going to come as a surprise
There'll be moments when it wouldn't feel like you made the right choice, or that it wasn't worth it
Just ensure that you have the right people in your life telling you the right things, things you needed to hear for the reassurance that was needed.. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.. You and your closest friend know how you may have coped with it all..

All these love stories they show in movies
Never believe them
Because you'll only be a big fool to think that's ever possible in reality
You'll get hurt, you'll have arguments even after all your attempts to rationalise
No matter what you do, how much ever you go out of your way for someone, at some point you'll be put down
That's how humans are, the messed up species

One of my favourite advertisements!
Geeta Phogat ~ will of steel

Olympics and a number of Indians making the nation proud! :)

It's true when they say that if you're not losing friends, you aren't growing up.

There are those who don't consider themselves worthy of things and deserve the world, and then there are those who haven't done shit to deserve what they've been blessed with, but have much more than needed, let alone deserve. This is exactly where destiny and past life's good karma play their role.

There is a post due specifically on marriage and experiences attending weddings from different cultures :)

The world is a dangerous place when there are more people who want to prove wrong than right.

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Love is on the Way [Saigon Kick Cover]
~ sung by a friend!
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"Raaste kahan khatam hote hain zindagi ke safar mein,
manzil toh wohi hai jahan khwahishein khatam ho jaaye"

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