Thursday, March 1, 2012


The times when you're happy that you managed to get somebody to distract themselves from what was making them feel low. And in return the person left the biggest smile on your face by saying the words you didn't expect.

Music. Solitude. Time you think you have, but you don't really. Existing friends who understand and have contributed to your life on another level. Friends that are yet to be made and are growing with time, maybe. Crushes that come and go. People you think you fell for. People you really fell for. Love. Real love.
Love for food. Home food. Lyrics. The melody. When happiness takes over.
And not because I feel happy but because I am?
Friends who make you realize life's worth living and fighting for. The ones who are there when you told them not to be :)

Chumpy (olive oil in your hair) after long! :D

"Exams. No, why do they do this to us?"

Chai/Milk with rusk :D

Words can do SO much. They can kill. They are too powerful to be used on someone who doesn't know what he/she's thinking.

When is it not about looks? Seriously.
You meet someone, your first unconscious/conscious judgment about the person is always based on the damn looks. Body language and the clothing comes right after that, yes. But the looks is what one is always judged by. I don't like it ya. I mean I get it that what other basis is one supposed to consider before taking the next step and all.. But still!

The Lucky One - I wanna see!
Nicholas Sparks :)
*When did Zac Efron get so big?*

Imagine - John Lennon

"How do you explain something that you can't even understand yourself?"
"It's destiny I think. I think that's what you hope that love is, is destiny."


  1. I totally agree with you on the looks thing. I look pathetic these days- weight,colour,hair,shave,clothes everything is spoilt, voluntarily though ( kind of helps me get in the mood for my work:P ) ! And these people I meet up start so confidently :P. I disappoint them later though but its funny when they start off talking to me in hindi all the time ( judging that I am the village boy who never went to school )- and in a funny way, its heartening to see people talk in national language :)

    But the "first look" theory is utter piece of junk for sure :) Lovely post. I love your writeups. They are just so incoherent.... Phoebe from the Friends TV series :)

    1. You keep changing your display name spelling or what?!

      And I'll be honest here, I laughed a lot when I read your comment! A lot. Don't exactly know why though, but I did. And it left a big smile on my face.. So yeah :)

      I have to start reading your blog regularly now I think, at least so I know your chain of thought better. But after I'm done with stupid, stupid exams!
      [Haha. "London is stupid. Stupid!!"]

      The looking pathetic bit and because it gets you in the mood for work.. I like that and can sorta relate to it to an extent. Haha.
      And I love Hindi as a language :)

      And, thank you! For the Phoebe bit too :D

      But, incoherent.. Really?
      Hehe. Maybe in this post, yes :P

  2. Yup, changed the url to my blog. Major breakup... and the cheapest changes in life following that were this and the operating system for my computer. Stupid but I was looking for any change I guess :P

    Incoherent is a compliment trust me. In the bigger scheme of things. I can give you another 5 volumes of Harry potter in justification of that but really, i meant it in a good way. Coherence is ,at best, an illusion :)

    I am telling you. You should try it. When you want to stroll out and click some great pictures, the pre-requisites are : night out + no bath since 2 days + no food last night and similar. If you are not deprived,how can you capture the deprived world around you. There is this concept of Resonance in Chemistry ( and also in quantum physics ) which adds weight to my theory :P So... looking bad is good :D

    Phoebe was awesome ! Come to Delhi and we will watch the whole 10 seasons together any given day- non stop :P

    1. Acchaaa, hope all's getting better on your side.
      And any change is good I guess, as long as it's in a positive way, and yours is. So, :)

      Haan, haan, I took it as a compliment only. Exactly why I thanked for the Phoebe bit separately :) Just felt like mentioning what I did anyway (in the end). Hehe.

      Okay, you might be a little surprised here when I say, I don't read books or I haven't read more than one and a half really, in my life so far.
      I try and I'll be trying harder to work on that habit because I know it's a negative. So yeah.
      But, Harry Potter :D
      His world. Surreal and so awesome.

      And, I like your thought process. Haha!
      Looking bad is good :D
      And, the deprivation bit, kya baat hai Mishrazi (don't have the first name. Lol).

      I remember doing Resonance in Class 10..

      Phoebe is awesome :D
      I have all the 10 seasons in my laptop.. I see it often :)
      And the idea's good! All the seasons non stop..
      My God. That'll be an epic day! Haha :)
      You live in Delhi?

    2. And I just remembered, you're doing research on the book you're planning to write/writing..!
      Haha. I'm sure you'll end up giving me a lecture about the reading bit. Or something like, "He who doesn't read is no better than he who can't." [Can't recall the exact quote]
      But I know I should.
      Novels/books :|

    3. Ditto here Miss Nagpal- I have read countable number of books myself. But I watch movies seriously,so that compensates. I have read: Autobio of Gandhiji and Lance Armstrong,Jonathan livingston and Ayn Rand stuff...Thats it :P But I have read my usual course books "differently"- which were as good as any. I am an aerospace engg graduate and if you sit down with me, I will tell how Aerospace engineering is the same as making Matar Paneer :))

      Though, I did not score too well in the exams there but then 2 years down the line, it hardly matters...

      Phoebe rocks bigtime. My favourite character is Ross,however. Amazing expressions !!

      Yup, I am putting up in New Delhi these days. And, my name is Sri Tatsat.

    4. Hehe, nice. I like watching movies that get one thinking, or leave one with a thought, in general, like Inception, Dhobi Ghat.. :) [Keeping chick flicks aside]
      I've heard a lot about Ayn Rand's Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged, from people. Will try reading them someday.

      And, haha!! Bow to that comparison and the specification to Matar Paneer! :)

      That's true. After a few years down the line, it doesn't matter really. Our education system has just always been about marks and I hate that. Cram it up and go paste it on the goddamn paper, irrespective of whether you understood shit.

      Hehe, I like Ross, yes. But I can never choose one favourite out of the six. They're all so different in their own way. But I absolutely love Chandler's sarcasm.

      And, that's a different name :)