Monday, March 12, 2012

Wrong time

When one person's words mean, I-don't-know-what to you?
When he/she fails to understand the importance of him/her in your life
When, with all your self control, you still want to get in touch with a person irrespective of who makes the goddamn effort
And being all composed and calm in your head, you come up with something and act upon it, and then it doesn't even satisfy you like half the percentage of what it could have
And that's when I say to myself, why is it so hard? Why?

Life and its plans for you and people that mess with it.

Other things in pieces, yes.
Exams. Studies.

Yes, logically and practically thinking and looking at the problems of the world, and with so many other problems people out there are facing...
But for once, if I don't?

Conclusion about one thing for sure:
The subject I end up studying the least for, accidentally, always gets me more marks.

When will people understand they have to stop wasting electricity?

Khushbu - A small girl (supposed to be in about 1st or 2nd grade) who likes to work like her mother, and wash clothes/utensils and doesn't like the idea of going to school to study and refuses to even entertain that thought in her mind!
How circumstances in life can lead one to think like that!

Crime Patrol - what a show!
Human trafficking - eye opener/reminder for so many people
I really was surprised about it taking place in Andheri, Mumbai particularly!

Paralysis - How it can change one's perception and to what an unimaginable extent man!

Dear Time,
Don't fly.
One that values you or atleast tries to.

How happiness takes over one day ~
And you don't know if you're low or not but random conversations and music come to your rescue even when you had the option of sleeping because you were genuinely tired with your eyes burning?

And when will this world stop talking and worrying about each other's lives for once and try and mind their own freaking business, for once?

Secrets - One Republic
Embrace - Celebrate
#Music :)

"There is no rule on how to write. Sometimes it comes easily and perfectly; sometimes it's like drilling rock and then blasting it out with charges." - Ernest Hemingway.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


The times when you're happy that you managed to get somebody to distract themselves from what was making them feel low. And in return the person left the biggest smile on your face by saying the words you didn't expect.

Music. Solitude. Time you think you have, but you don't really. Existing friends who understand and have contributed to your life on another level. Friends that are yet to be made and are growing with time, maybe. Crushes that come and go. People you think you fell for. People you really fell for. Love. Real love.
Love for food. Home food. Lyrics. The melody. When happiness takes over.
And not because I feel happy but because I am?
Friends who make you realize life's worth living and fighting for. The ones who are there when you told them not to be :)

Chumpy (olive oil in your hair) after long! :D

"Exams. No, why do they do this to us?"

Chai/Milk with rusk :D

Words can do SO much. They can kill. They are too powerful to be used on someone who doesn't know what he/she's thinking.

When is it not about looks? Seriously.
You meet someone, your first unconscious/conscious judgment about the person is always based on the damn looks. Body language and the clothing comes right after that, yes. But the looks is what one is always judged by. I don't like it ya. I mean I get it that what other basis is one supposed to consider before taking the next step and all.. But still!

The Lucky One - I wanna see!
Nicholas Sparks :)
*When did Zac Efron get so big?*

Imagine - John Lennon

"How do you explain something that you can't even understand yourself?"
"It's destiny I think. I think that's what you hope that love is, is destiny."