Friday, November 12, 2010


Sometimes, things hit your harder than you thought. And, there are people who put you down to the extent you never imagined. It hurt you. But, you can't help but remind yourself of all that they've done for you. It is always important to put yourself in the other one's shoes. And, he/she might be wrong as you know it. But, the person has done way too much for you and you can't be angry for long. Hmm.

*Sigh* Yes, another post after a while. ..Just revolving around people and not really Mumbai or Gwalior. Life. It teaches us a lot. Right? And, when I come to think of know, when one is on their deathbed..what do you do about all that you learnt and all that life taught you.. It ends with you right there. Right? The 'journey' of it I've mentioned earlier as well, is indeed the most important part of it all.

Things being rubbed on your face by a stranger hit you harder than you thought sometimes, you know. You are made to face what, deep inside, you didn't want to. Everybody likes living in a fantasy world. Who doesn't..? And, most of the people I know, believe that fantasy is way better than the reality we're living in. But, aren't we being too judgmental? I mean, both are made by us only..Right? It is we, who have instilled it in our bloody heads that reality can't be better than our fantasy world.

Hmm, I read this quote by Aristotle yesterday;  "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." And, I liked the meaning of it very much. And, of course, the preciseness of it.

It means tolerance for another point of view. One might have their own opinion but is willing to respect another opinion. To be able to have a broad outlook. To be able to entertain a thought and let it play around in your mind while you consider it from all angles, and then, based upon reasoning and logic, you accept it, or not.

There is more. Much more. And, it'll come in time. I guess.
Blogging is nice. But, there'll always remain a difference in typing out what you have in mind and writing it on a piece of paper. I wrote in my diary a few days back. It felt good.


  1. Very deep Garry..this is what makes u u :)

  2. "when one is on their deathbed..what do you do about all that you learnt and all that life taught you.. It ends with you right there."

    I believe that..and I float in the same boat as you on this issue. What does life actually amount to ? Well, I think, Nothing. It might sound pessimistic, but its a point of view. :)

  3. i really do agree with sapna and infact I jst remembered this poem it said something like we return to 10th grade right?
    cant really quote but yes its the journey that makes it worthwhile or rather a journey we should learn to enjoy

  4. @ Sapna, Yes, that's your point of view. I respect it. :) 'Nothing' is too strong a word to use for anything. But, what we should remember is that when we are on the deathbed, the contentment and the satisfaction should be such that we can't express it in words and that it's been worth living. In my earlier post, I have written; Life is like a long train journey. Some only wait to reach the destination..some give up in the middle itself..and some live but don't really care about the journey. To them, life is all about being what people want you to be and not being who you actually are.
    To me, the journey is the most important part. Yes,I know you'd agree with that as we float in the same boat :) But, that's what came to my mind.

    @ Surabhi, I like your optimistic approach towards it and that you will make an effort to 'enjoy' the journey :)