Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reality is an illusion caused by alcohol deficiency - Mondy's.

I'm back :)
And, I love the title

It really gets one thinking every time you read it
Will not write all the boring..'It's been long and blah!' Don't feel like for now

This will be short though. I have College at 7:30 tomorrow morning..for which I have to wake up at 6 and..ofcourse, I'm not sleepy. :P

Just read this somewhere..and, it's stuck in my mind for now..

Illusions are reality inside our minds, and realities are illusions outside our minds & Dream is where they meet!

*Sigh* I love it.

And, for Me ~

A reality check - I have exams in 8 days!

A reality that I'm still trying to check - I cleared the first level of CS.

A reality I don't want to check - I didn't do anything constructive in my first year of College.

An illusion - I end up doing 'counselling' in life..or may I call it a dream. The one thing that I'll enjoy the most.

An illusion - I will remain the person I've always been.


  1. Seriously it was damn cool... But reality r currently doing shitty B.Com. n C.S. 2 gain knowledge (which would go down d drain if not put to some use)...n something u say is ur illusion, has n is always something u "Dream" to do.... so all my words point @ 2 things... do something which is satisfactory both to ur soul as well as to ur pocket...


  3. @ Jinkesh, what was cool? And, I don't agree with your opinion of you finding B.Com 'shitty' somehow. I know you have done the same, but, guess that's your opinion. About the CS bit, yes, you are right. And, that is applicable to almost everything that one does in life. If not put to some use, things goes for a waste. Right? Even our minds for that matter, unused ones do feel like they're the wasted ones. And, when we know we can do so much with our brain. But, sometimes, we don't or maybe some people don't. Hai na? And, your advices always get me thinking. So, thank you there :)

    @ Surabhi, thank you, but again, I got the idea of the whole thing from where I read the quote. But, thanks :)