Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random. Random-er. Random-est?

The colour. The song. Taxi. No parking board. Light. The horizon line with a tinge of orange. Happiness. Really?

Losing a friend. In real. All of a sudden.

Cost and worth are two very different things.
There are times, when you cannot be seeing the cost of a thing, but, if it's worth losing out on, what you would lose out on, if you don't pay that cost.

It's said that, watching a setting sun depresses you, but what is said is not always true. Just like the way people believe photographs but don't believe paintings, always.

Oh and the lesser you know the merrier you are, undoubtedly. 

Chocolate over Chocolate is bliss. :)

Reckless. And not wanting to be right always.

When your lips are dry and really dry, and you have lip balm with you somewhere around, but you wouldn't put it, not because you're lazy, but because you want the dryness to remain for a while. As if it helps you remain blank in your head for a while. Weird much?

The world becomes a smaller place when you get out of a boarding school!

Sadi Gali and punjabi songs :D

When there are things you know and you like the fact that you know them because they make you feel better, but you can't do anything about them, or maybe you just won't because it won't be the same then.

And ... 

The tune 'Endless Goodbye' in the Airtel's advertisement is very soothing :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just sentences?

1st March :
Uhh yeah.
Music and My Diary... are :)
I lost a friend. A good friend.
I miss home. Terribly.
Exams and a landlady who couldn't get more inconsiderate!
Mumbai never changes. And yeah, that's a good thing. But I don't feel like using an emotican here for some reason.
Therefore, *smile.

You make me feel better. Some people do :)

♪ After tonight, who knows where we'll be tomorrow
What if we're never here again?

Show Me What I'm Looking For, Need You Now, Ours and, So Contagious = I love.

13th March :
Too much to say.
Avril Lavigne's most amazing songs :
I Love You, Everybody Hurts, and, Not Enough.

When you're hurt to the extent that your judgment for once has been so wrong that you have never felt your heart sink so low before that apart from being speechless, your tears flow out like they have only twice before like that, in life. When you didn't know you could be this wrong about judging people around you, you thought you knew well.


But one sentence for now,
Being yourself ALL THE TIME isn't easy.