Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Good food, and/or knowing another person's day was made because of you
~ makes my day.

The friendship between men 'without' saying the obvious things, lasts a lifetime
and it's just about the opposite with us women

When you're willing to take that risk
When you somehow feel you have it in you to say it
It's been long since this thing has been on your mind and there have been more than a few times when you really, really got the urge to freaking do something about it
But you couldn't for several reasons
For reasons like it wasn't your place to, for reasons like the other person may believe he/she understood what you said, but what he/she heard is not what you meant, because it is not that damn simple to convey it just the right way
One's state of mind and happiness has been getting decided by another's actions
What lack of communication can do, always leaves me jaw dropped in situations where it only leads to assumptions, and as I've said, they are the worst things ever. Let's just leave them for economics, which is a con!

"Google Search : Reunion"
~ An advertisement by Google. Must watch!
Made me cry too, yes.
And I'm told it's based on a true story!

Because we've all changed
evolved to be the new people we are today
Time does that
All for the good I guess
Our choices are different
And so are our perceptions
But then again, some things don't change.. simply because they're situations
And one has to change the situation one self
It won't magically just disappear the next day

I don't get how people are just willing to overlook important parameters affecting another's life right in front of your eyes and since forever!
How on earth can you be that apathetic towards this whole scenario that has been playing live in front of you in someone's life who's again been a significant person of your life all along?

Sometimes, we all wanna escape
Oh how much I love that
Listen to distracting songs
Change the subject being talked about
Write it out
Sleep it off
Take a walk
Do whatever it takes to be an escapist
Not because you're not enjoying your life, but because you know someone who means the world to you, isn't enjoying theirs

It will never fail to amuse me how people don't see the obvious
It's either that they simply don't get it
Or you pretend so damn well that you've forgotten yourself what the original thing was
It's like one says, 'Just be careful who you pretend to be, I'd hate if you forgot who you are!'

When you couldn't attend something
you'll never know what you missed
but you're fine with it

When one family member does too much
and sometimes it's not just about acknowledging but also reminding him/her how much that means to us
Us humans have a tendency to forget things
And we need to be comforted... and sometimes, words can do wonders

Let Her Go - Passenger
Tidal Wave ft. Alpines - Sub Focus
Eid Wala Chand - Rajan Batra

"Saving the world from mediocre coffee."
- Costa

Nothing like Grey's Anatomy!
#SawItAfterSoLong :)

"Everyone now knows Campa Cola compound. Do you know about Golibar, where legal residents were evicted?"
- Naresh Fernandes

"Life is too short to spend it with someone who makes your days difficult."
"The reason people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go instead of how far they have gotten."

"The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said."
"It's always nice to have someone around in your life who can make you smile even when they are not around."

"Reason is one of the most effective and under-utilized anti-depressants available to us."

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Not that lost.

"Be hurt. I can take it, the world can take it."
- really the right thing to hear when you are?
For a moment I was like, wow. But, not so much when you can't get your mind off, of what it was that's gotten on your mind. It's like bacteria. It's only multiplying even when your efforts were all to make it stop/shut down and not just put it to sleep.

When you didn't want the person to say the words back to you.
You just wanted the person to accept it. That is all.
Acceptance is the most important thing (as I've mentioned earlier). Coming to terms with it.
But, okay.

Perspective. Perception. Point of view. Inference. Interpretation. Power of the mind.

"Human perception is actually relative and conceptual, not absolute."

"Don't give away anything that you have to, earlier than you have to."

"In business, you don't have to be right,
you just have to be less stupid than your competitors."

Will get back in a post, soon, about the talk I attended by Rory Sutherland.

And Diwali happened and I wasn't home for the first time.
Yes, you miss home the most during this one festive season.

Do not get too affected by things, situations, people. It never helps. Never.
Don't stop working on how much it got to you. Or how much you let it get to you.

When you end up doing things you've never done before
Not in terms of the adventure you'd assumed you would (you haven't forgotten your bucket list just yet)
But doing things in terms of being there. For people.
Going out of your way in more than just one manner and being happy for them.

Overdose of chocolate.
Waffles with nutella. Cocoa and chocolate cream wafers. Lindt Lindor. Chocotastic pop tarts. Mars.

The additional costs in life that we tend to overlook more than often!!
(this is an interesting observation and I do intend to elaborate on it soon)

A fire alarm drill at seven in the morning is one of the worst things ever,
when you know you have a lecture at nine and had to wake up in half an hour anyway!
The value of five minutes is best understood during these early morning hours,
when you had to either give up your sleep, or run to be punctual for a class,
because you did sleep for those five minutes anyway, that were not extra any more then!

Finding out you hadn't replied to comments on your posts ~ *happily surprised*

The generation gap and the variance in the chain of thought on the same subject
The difference in the want to understand
Absolutely overlooking what matters too much to the other person
Rigidity in the mindset with negligible willingness to widen it really
Or maybe a bit for the world but less than zero percent for yourself

When you see a goose hurt in the garden right outside your building, standing in the rain, and barely managing to move, you call up the student reception to ask for help (and it was a Saturday) and you get the worst reply of all time. You call up security and you're told some crap about how you shouldn't mess with the balance of life and nature.
You manage to go down with another flatmate of yours to see what can be done (keeping in mind that the bird will, in most probability, move away, as soon as we get to him/her)
And even though that's exactly what had happened, once again the only ointment that had popped in my head was boroline, but he/she had, had a bone injury and we knew we couldn't do anything
While we felt helpless and talked to each other about it, while watching out on him/her for a bit,
I realized that by the evening, the bird's friends had come to his/her rescue! (no kidding)
We're all aware that geese always tend to move together and this one had been alone all day
But the day did get better for him/her after all, and so it did for me :)

A blind lady being guided by her dog everywhere
- A sight that sums up Life

Caffe Latte and Lindt Lindor
- one of the best combinations ever! :D

The sun, rain, wind, rainbow - all at one time!
Seriously happens!
God really is kind. Now this is balance of the nature :)

"That Day After Everyday" - A Short Film
~ must watch!
#TheReality #TrueStory #NoWords

"In the book of religion, humanity is the last chapter."
- Saira

Counting Stars - OneRepublic
All Night - Icona Pop

"People only treat you one way, that's the way you allow them."
"Words are but symbols for the relations of things to one another and to us; nowhere do they touch upon absolute truth."

"Time is innocent only if there are no clocks or watches."
"Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of travelling."
"It's a very powerful thing when someone sees you as the person you wish you were."

"When it's all said and done, all roads lead to the same end. So it's not so much which road you take
but how you take it."
"Money can buy me happiness, it's called food."

"There's a plague of sameness that is killing human joy."
- Zita Cobb via Iwan Baan

Monday, October 14, 2013

Mixed to the extent that I can't decipher the ingredients!

When you can't seem to keep track of all that's going on in your life
No kidding!
#AlmostAMonth #WarwickTimes

When there are situations we've all imagined in our heads, situations we've totally wanted to be in..
but it's when you're really there, you go blank and are not quite sure if you'd be able to be yourself at that moment of rush and risk.. and maybe the evolved you, manages to be somewhat yourself also.. but there is a constant thought in your subconscious kinda pulling you back for no apparent reason
Either ways, don't regret it. I don't :)

When it's not any kinda fear but more like a debt
Guilt that's been cooked up in your head but doesn't have any basis to exist really
The unpredictable factor in life that leaves us all with our jaws dropped after all

When you're being forced to go about a few things in a way you didn't have in mind for yourself and for the other person

When things turn out like you least expected them to
But all in a positive way :)

When you know you have a cold and it's only getting worse, and you should probably sleep.. But no, you end up listening to Alesso tracks you hadn't heard in a while and of course, sleep vanished

When the experience that's built up with incidents that took place in a period of about three weeks
has managed to give you a relatively good insight over all..

I don't get why people are such cowards
You don't have it in you to say things clearly to someone who's been a part of your life for a significant period of time? How weird can you be? I hate incomplete conversations and then one has to do the icing of the cake by leaving you with assumptions for the rest of your life
Thank you so very much for being the freak you are.

Avicii - Wake Me Up
Ellie Goulding - Burn
Alesso - Years ft. Matthew Koma
Alesso - Clash (full version)
David Guetta - Play Hard
Zedd - Spectrum ft. Matthew Koma

That moment when you don't get your own chain of thought!

Time is flying and it's almost here
It's starting to hit me now.. that things are going to change
and for once, I can't wait for that to happen!
~ Well, that was written a while ago. I've been here since three weeks now and it's been great.
I guess it is true when they say, it's better when you haven't formed that picture in your head, coz then, you'll always like it, no matter what it is.

UK. Warwick. Campus life. University. So much keeps going on. Change. Happiness.
New people. Different mindsets. Lack of home food. Independence on another level.
Too much walking.. seriously! Swimming. In a pool after four years with some swimmers who swim like sharks.. again, not kidding!
Realizations. The unpredictable weather.
Food fair. Samosas.
Walks while listening to your favourite tracks, more than often :D
Mars and Dairy Milk flavoured ice creams!!
Salsa taster session.
Awesome food at the Indian Village in Coventry. #ItWasAGoodDay
And blah (not in the gibberish way). Haha. Will continue this! :)


Why do people give opinions on a subject they don't have any freaking knowledge about?
Somebody explain that to me, please!
Did I ask for your opinion?
No, I didn't.
Have you done any study whatsoever on the subject you're jabbering about incessantly?
Clearly, you haven't.

When there is so much effort that's required from one person to work out a relationship (any kind!)
even in terms of normal communication.. It shouldn't have to be hard at all. You weren't born to please the other person.. And for that matter, if it is hard, is it really worth it? (Don't be kidding yourself)

I don't get it. I just don't get it. You talk before you think. You're bloody certain of things you don't have any kinda knowledge about. You will present your views as if you're the master and the others are meant to bow to your words. You do not understand (forget believing) the concept of cleaning the mess after a presentation of any sort. You lack the freaking ability to look beyond just your own perspective. You take forever to gather some logic and reasoning from the occurrence of a situation. You talk in a repulsive tone. You don't have a drop of keenness to learn anything new whatsoever. Since when did humans become like that?

Hope but don't expect.
Nope, it's not the same thing :)

'Old enough to rape, and young enough to get away with it. Age should not be a factor at all.'
#Rape #IndianLegalSystem #Juvenile #ShitLaws

"Happiness is not a situation, it's a choice."
"Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance."
"The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said, or never explained."
"You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him."

"The longest five seconds in anyone's life is waiting to press the 'Skip Ad' button on YouTube."
"A society made up of individuals who were all capable of original thought would probably be unendurable."
"Some days, the whole world seems upside down. And then somehow, and probably when you least expect it, the world rights itself again."

PS- I love my room :D
#Campus #Warwick #Uni #Solitude #Life 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The trouble with reality is, it troubles.

When you end up spending hours on a thought that crossed your mind once
You know it for yourself that assumptions are the worst things ever, but no, you refuse to think rationally at that one point when that stupid thought has managed to take over all the others pondering in your head
You know it that it's as tiny as it can get, and it would probably be forgotten by the other person within a few minutes from the point of time of its occurrence, but because you have the stupid habit of letting things get to you, you try to take your mind off it.. But, oops. Ofourse you don't succeed
It's funny how the human brain functions, really.

Satyagraha ~
The movie
The evidence in reality
The messages to be inferred

When you don't know what to pen down and what not to.

When you're asked about a situation or your friendship with someone you really did think would remain your friend.. but you don't know if he/she really is

I've had some conversations with a good number of people where they're contradicting themselves in the very next statement but they don't get it
I mean, first of all, how do you not even seem to realise that?

When you see a baby pigeon really, really hurt on his/her (I'm guessing her) head, alone and scared, and manage to put some boroline (the only ointment that popped in my head) on his/her head somehow...
It kinda added to my day :)

Inflation that's taking place with the rate at which the rupee has been depreciating!!!

GST = Goods & Service Tax
Who's gonna be paying? ~ Middle income groups will be hammered further!

Revenue generation movement hasn't been planned but the expenditure movement is all set and ready.
~ Government eating up everything with the most powerful people staying silent.
Businessmen will be paying for everything eventually.
Making life harder by the second for the bread earners.
Lack of perspective and what not.

"Politicians are like diapers; they need to be changed often and for the same reason."

New RBI Governor.

The good things in life:
The morning Chai in a Shatabdi
The feeling of getting your first offer letter from a University for your post grad
The feeling after meeting a friend after really long #MumbaiTimes
The happiness on your friend's face for whom you managed to click just the apt snap expected
The sense of realization that you really have to stop caring now
And then there's
the awesome feeling of getting an offer from Warwick Business School :D
#Life #Dreams #Reality

When Harry Met Sally
"And it's not because I'm lonely, and it's not because it's New Year's Eve. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

What has the world come to?
Who is to blame for the indifference?

When you're lost even when it comes to aligning the thoughts in your head.

Who understands the value of it and who doesn't?
In the true real sense of it
I'm not even talking about the ability to distinguish between cost and worth at this moment
But seriously, there is irony when it comes to real life situations and people you think you know to an extent don't understand shit
But wait, how do you have it in you to spend all that's not yours to spend?
How? Just how can one be like that?

Madhuri Dixit.
~ The most graceful dancer I've ever seen. An outstanding actress in Bollywood.

Man. Disbelief. Funny. Luck. Destiny. Fate. Karma. Actions.
What is it?
Who's deciding?
Who's deciding who deserves what and the rest?

"When you can't remember why you're hurt, that's when you're healed."

No Beef - Afrojack & Steve Aoki
Atom - Nari & Milani
Young And Beautiful - Lana Del Ray
Demons - Imagine Dragons
Needle And Haystack Life - Switchfoot
This Is What It Feels Like - Armin van Buuren

I can't believe how life has to be led in ways that were not decided by you.

"Never underestimate the power of 'It's nothing' said by women."
"That unexplainable urge to find the more powerful distraction to destroy the existing distraction."
"Many are they who see, but do not perceive, and hear, but do not understand."
"The point is not learning how to let go of people, but to learn how to let go of that piece of you that went with them."
"Sometimes, change is everything."

Sunday, June 16, 2013


When you can't believe people's actions sometimes
Not the words
Those things are not to be paid much attention to in reality anyway
But wow
Contradiction is intriguing
No kidding!

But let's agree once again to the universal fact that we're all aware of;
When we care the most, we get hurt the most.
It consumes me.

When your memory gets refreshed in terms of what it's like to travel in a PACKED local in the peak hours of the morning!
Yup, by local, I do mean the local train!
And even in that situation when you can pretty much not move at all and are stuck..
You will find people with a smile on their face

Sometimes, you do things.. Things you know are not going to favour you in any way at all..
But you do them anyway
It won't get you any satisfaction either, and you know it
On the contrary, it might hurt you, in ways you're not sure of, but because you know the cost that the other person might be paying in terms of loss.. and isn't realizing any of it right now, purely because of not thinking of the big picture.. You go ahead and you do something, putting your foot down and because you know you can work your way with words to a reasonably good extent, you knew you'd succeed.. and so, you did
You don't think about 'your' fayeda/nuksaan in these situations
You're being selfless and spending your time and thoughts over conveying something that is never going to benefit you, ever

When the song, 'Last Day of Your Life' plays on your phone on shuffle mode :)
#GlassPear #ExceptionalSong

I guess I could never get enough of Bombay
I could have how much ever possible but it still wouldn't be enough.. ever
Yup, same thing said in two ways
Deal with it.

When you go back to College and see that the way your favourite sandwich used to be made has become all fancy now!
And of course it brings back memories
Not just of the obvious times of catching a movie right after the last lecture got over at 10:30 in the morning!
But also of the solitary moments you did have in the cafeteria on a day when it may have been raining like 'cats and men' and not everyone landed up for lectures like you did (at least till the second year of College)..! Haha.

The boy trying to sell umbrellas :)


Mumbai won't be Mumbai without its people
The originality of thought
The not-bothering-you, but happy-to-help attitude
I haven't seen it in any other city amongst the ones I've travelled to, in our country
It's amazing how it works and how it doesn't
How the pace of life is set and it's a learning even as a mere observer at all times
Too much to gather

And here's an awesome post ~
The truth about Mumbai! :)

"Sometimes the simplest things are the most craftily constructed and the most complicated to pull off."
"Words scream to be heard. Silence waits to be understood."
"The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do."
"We ache to make the world of feelings a language we can converse in."
"Love is a question of how you look at it."

"If it weren't for the fact that the TV set and the refrigerator are so far apart, some of us wouldn't get any exercise at all."
"When an email comes to you saying, 'Click here to check your IQ', that you guys is your IQ test."
"Pardon my language but a man who shits and pees in a Rs. 32 lakh loo will never understand what a tanking rupee means for a common man."

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity."

White women in the Indian imagination ~ Alexandra Delaney

"The debate is still raging as to what is more difficult - to understand women or to book a ticket through IRCTC."
"I have been through a lot." - All cars

Coldplay - The Scientist (Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman Remix)

Even I want Chai and pakodas in this mad baarish!!

"Grammar. The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit."

Friday, June 7, 2013

Bits, pieces and more

are never right or wrong (as I may have even mentioned here earlier)
But what doesn't fail to amuse me is the level of variation in them on the same subject!
The difference in the intensities of the opinions leading to depths headed in two different directions,
on one subject!
Irrespective of looking from the other person's perspective, there is a big chance you're still not close to his/her chain of thought
It's not about not being able to really put yourself in his/her shoes any more, you already did that bit (if at all you did), it's about not being able to think beyond it
Maybe there is a possibility, that the other person is simply unable to express the unsaid words in any other form as well
And of course, silence is misinterpreted. More than the expected number of the times.
But then again, that's the beauty of human evaluation I guess

At the end of it all, it does come down to how YOU look at it.

The worst part is when we forget things
A crying baby on a flight
Everyone would turn back and stare at the parent and pass all the possible comments capable of crossing one's mind, as to why the parent can't keep the child, freaking quiet!
But I doubt the probability being high, of people thinking beyond
Beyond the perspectives of the parent
Beyond the ideology of taking care of a child
Beyond the faults of nobody

The difference between the reel and the real world even in terms of the one we're living in!
Not just the one in Bollywood
The picture is always something else than the one being shown to us
#Automobile #Dealerships

The mixed signals are in a language I don't understand and he's the only one who has the translation dictionary.

I love Ryan Atwood.
#TheOC #BenjaminMcKenzie

The Great Gatsby.
He looked at her "in a way that every young girl wants to be looked at, at sometime"
#LeonardoDiCaprio #sigh :)

Am I the only one whose definition of a holiday is sleep as much as you want?
Seems like so!

#punjabi #music #iLove :)

The life of one
What must that be like?
When you're far away from family at the expense of purely entertaining strangers and proving yourself on a daily basis by performing amongst a crowd with different faces everyday!
#Majority #StillInPieces

Priority is obviously given to the customer sitting at home who may have placed the order at the exact same time as the customer standing right there at the outlet
Of course, commercial point of view
Guarantee of promised delivery time
But, what about your goodwill that went into the dustbin in the head of the customer standing right infront of you?
Yeah, yeah, there's monopoly in cheeseburst and more
But, big picture?
[When I'm unable to snap out of observing the working style around in general!]

A brand is not a brand if more than three auto guys don't know the location of its only building in the area.
Is it?

There is definitely no one like Mike Horn.
Words may not suffice my description of him
But maybe a post someday, only about him
The man has done things no one has, with unfailing faith and determination
Truly inspiring in the real sense of it
Someone who's passion for life is a definition of his own
        But a question that I never got to ask him...
How can he possibly keep at it ALL the time being humane?
Everyone has ups and downs in life.. The extreme high and low moments when you give up at a point without another thought
        My question isn't how he hasn't/didn't give up
My question is, how has it really been possible to keep at it? What were the things he managed to remind himself of, that kept him going incessantly?
#Mystery #RealPeople #MeaningOfLife

Government and its bans and preposterous laws.

When you think it can't get any worse, it can!

"Economic reforms have slacked. Educational reforms yet to begin. Sexual reforms are a distant dream when lingerie on mannequins is banned."

The incomprehensible chaos in Turkey!
What is happening in Istanbul?


Bombay Rains :)

#Traffic #CabRides #WorkLife #Khichdi

Dilli Wali Girlfriend
Balam Pichkari

" I fail to understand the 'good' part of 'good morning' "

"Is life so serious that others really determine your destiny?"
"The rules of morality are not the conclusion of our reason."
"The more you let yourself go, the less others let you go."

"An honest, uncensored expression is as rare as the person capable of producing it."
"I am a Capricorn, because when I love, I love hard."
"Forever is composed of nows."

An Honest Mistake - The Bravery

Apollo (Radio Edit) - Hardwell
Beating Of My Heart - M-3ox (Matisse & Sadko Remix)

"How news works in India.
Incident. News report. National outrage. Media frenzy. International coverage. Hurt national pride. Denial. #rape"

"One does not only wish to be understood when one writes;
one wishes just as surely not to be understood."

Monday, April 22, 2013

Faith.. is it?

I don't know what it is
If it's people's words that affect your opinion and decisions
Or the lyrics of a song
Or a similar situation handled earlier
Or something you happened to witness and could relate to it

Why? Why does it all have to be so hard?
"It eats me up alive" - does that sentence even make sense when whatever it is/was, has already managed to get out of your system?

I miss
so much
of the past
that I don't know how to go about it now

I miss
the comfort
the hatred

A part of me wants some of it so badly
The other part just doesn't wanna be the risk taker any longer

I hate how things become when we grow up
Why do we?

I know, I know.. it's the problems we've created in our heads
Problems that don't even exist really
In our heads, they do naa

I'm just not ready to deal with something again, something I've already dealt with, in the past
But if it is the power of the mind that has everything in its control, then why the thoughts that you do not want to keep in/around your head, keep coming back?
I'm not saying you're fighting it any longer
No, you're not, you dealt with it, and it did come to peace and calm
But it's like medical surge
It seemed all flowers and rainbows for a bit until you're falling back into something you've just managed to get out from

When you lose things
Like the lines you'd penned down in a note on your phone and it just vanished.
Yeah, yeah, that happens
But, it was a long one, and you'd really elaborated on some of your thoughts, you did think you'd get back to

When the universe is still conspiring and you don't let it get it to you
It affects you a little, each time there's a knock at the door you shut a while ago, invariably anyway

There should be more than one Sunday in a week!

A person told me sometime back,
for a child, love will always be conditional
There are conditions attached to that love towards the parent
But for a parent,
love will always be unconditional towards any of their children

Paint The Silence - South
Honey And The Moon - Joseph Arthur
Hide And Seek - Imogen Heap
Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
Terrible Person - Rooney
I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say - The Subways
Blue Light - Bloc Party
Soul Meets Body - Death Cab for Cutie
Song For No One - Ian Broudie

"A person who has never owned a dog has missed a wonderful part of life."
"Some people don't realize what they've got because everything was given to them."


"Now, should we treat women as independent agents, responsible for themselves? Ofcourse.
But being responsible has nothing to do with being raped. Women don't get raped because they were drinking or took drugs. Women do not get raped because they weren't careful enough.
Women get raped because someone raped them."

Delhi = The Rape Capital

<The truth>

Where is the humanity?
Seriously, where the hell is it?

<Crisis in our community>


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sometimes, words fail

When you're on a road that wasn't the one you had in mind for the journey, but you took it anyway
You're also in a position to kinda predict the latter half of the road considering you're half way through it already...
But you're still in no position to say shit about the destination
So obviously, that leaves me with, "What for?!"

One can only keep at all of it for a certain period of time
It doesn't become about giving up or priorities after that. It only makes you question yourself once again for the reason of having held on to something for this long to begin with!

Another scenario is when people make it harder, when they can't stop being someone they're not or can't stop rubbing things in your face for no apparent reason at all

One thought that'll probably never stop crossing my mind:
Doesn't it take more effort and thought to be someone else? Someone you're not? Fake? Does it not?
I fail to understand. Each time I try to, I fail to understand how it's easier to be someone you're not infront of the world. So much of the show. Energy. BLAH.

How can you have so much of it? How?
You wouldn't care about the people around you out of whom at least one matters? And the others matter to that one!? You wouldn't care...
What I wonder is, if one has always been like this or something in your life got you to become who you are today
When you aren't in a position to question this person.. Or you wouldn't because you probably can't put it across well.. But, wow
That amount of selfishness
The world is so different than what it seems to be after all
It all is
The people you knew may become the people you know again
And ofcourse we all have the people who we once knew

When you wanted to have cooked wai-wai, but because you are the laziest person you know..
you end up with baked lays plus pizza topping!
#OneEvening #TrueStory

City Of Dreams - Alesso & Dirty South
Forever - Matt Hires
Another Life - No
Last Kiss - Pearl Jam
Call Me A Spaceman - Hardwell
Everytime We Touch - Cascada
Reload - Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash
Resurrection - Axwell's Recut Club Version
50 Ways To Say Goodbye - Train

So sick of explaining
Don't have it in me any more
to answer questions that have made you question the friendship you kept for this long to begin with

"There are times in our lives when love really does conquer all: exhaustion, sleep deprivation, anything.
And then there are those times when it seems like love brings us nothing but pain."
"We're always looking for ways to ease the pain. Sometimes we ease the pain by making the best of what we have. Sometimes is by losing ourselves in the moment. And sometimes, all we need to do to ease the pain is call a simple truce."

I love metaphors :)

"Remember when things were easy?
Me neither."
"Change is good as long as I don't have to do anything different."
"Finding a way to live the simple life today is man's most complicated task."
"When you are observing a fact completely, with all your energy, the fact changes."
"You should get some sleep. You look like crap."

Sunday, January 27, 2013

On the edge

So, I met someone for the first time a couple of days back, right before I was leaving that place. And the first question this person asked me was, "What's your name?" I replied, "Garima." I just wasn't prepared for a second question that came even before I took my next breath and she asked, "Which caste?"
I did reply to her within a second or two, and then I surely left as I was supposed to.
I just couldn't get myself to reason out the validity of that question. I mean how exactly did that help define me better to you at all? Like seriously.

When you reach that point that it's not funny any more, there is lack of amazement from you, for the simple reason that there is no reasoning and logic around you at all
You wouldn't want to start off from where you left. Not because it doesn't feel right, but because it doesn't feel the need to any more
I'm actually surprised that I am surprised with any of it. I should've seen it coming.

Sensitivity is one of the worst things ever
When your state of mind is all good and you couldn't be bothered about all the whatever things on earth, but oh no, wait, that can't stay the same. See, things have to get to you/you let them get to you, for the simple reason that you understand and value the importance of what comes in rarity.
Things messed up in another's head around, will hunt you down and mess it all up in your head too.

When you have more in you to take than you thought you did.
I miss home. So much. It's not even funny.
Done with living the supposedly independent life.
It's been too long now...

Travelling in Mumbai.
Aren't those three words enough for one to start with an essay?

Fickle mindedness - I don't get it
What were you originally thinking really?
When you can see it's messed up for one around, but you really do feel kinda handicapped in the situation when it's brought forth to you with all that it's got to it.

The local trains, the autos, the rush at peak hours, the adrenaline in people!

Nothing like Grey's Anatomy :)

Awkward moments about not being to explain to someone about how you've always valued one of the things meant to be valued, and you give up on explaining because you didn't feel the need to, when you were just about one fourth way through it! Ha.

A girl who had to take an AC Bus to Borivali got dropped off by her father at Thane..
And she thought over the same thing that she does everyday
Will I make it in that overcrowded bus once again?
After she took a deep breath and got off the car, she said bye in the local language to her father, and the expression on his face also had something to it.
Life's got too many things to it and we make decisions everyday. Just that some that are regularly taken by us become something else in our heads, but they are the ones that decide the course of the day really.
#OneIncident #Mumbai

Don't You Give Up On Me - Milo Greene
Dazed And Confused - Iko
Sweet Disposition - Temper Trap

'This is a place where horrible things happen. You were right to go. You're probably escaping disaster. Look at me. I practically grew up here, and you're right, it hurt me in ways I'll probably never get over. I have a lot of memories of people. People I've lost forever. But I have a lot of other memories too. This is the place I fell in love. The place where I found my friends. This is where I learned to be who I am. Where I learned how to take responsibility for someone else's life. And it's the place where I met you. So I figure this place has given me as much as it's taken away from me. I've lived here as much as I've survived here. It just depends on how I look at it. I'm gonna choose to look at it that way, and remember you that way. Hope you're good. Bye.'
 - The above paragraph is a monologue from a series, with some words changed in it.

Some people will always remain the discouraging ones. You should just never give up on not letting their words get to you.

"Closures do not come cheap."
"When you have to make a choice and don't make it, that is in itself a choice."
"Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion obtains no hold on the mind."
"I'm still writing about you and you haven't read a word."
"Sometimes you wish people would just see themselves the way you do."

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Crisp much?

When your day has turned out to be nowhere close to what you'd thought it'd be like
But of course, when has the picture in the head actually turned out to be the same?

When it's all so uncertain around you, that at one point, you feel handicapped and don't know what to do, think or feel about it all

And then to top it all, your phone has no signal all of a sudden for no explicable reason
Like it just doesn't have network and you try for a bit, but you give up too fast, even if it's just about your phone
That's because the day feels long but also flew
And then you end up telling yourself,
Sometimes, things aren't supposed to happen after all!
I don't know if too many things happen to surprise me lately.. But they sure amuse me.

Dear Delhi,
Learn something from Mumbai. Something.
The city that never sleeps.

It feels nice when certain people/strangers figure out things about you faster than people who've known you, did!

Are you supposed to stop living because it's not safe around?
- the obvious question of the hour

When everyone's life seems like a ride
One has to, just has to spend time in this city to believe what it's like here!

And why would you do something for the world again? I mean, especially when you say that you're doing it for yourself and that you want to, but you forget where you started off with that chain of thought. Didn't you?
When we forget the basis of what it is that's got us where we are.
To remind ourselves of the basis is imperative.

To Build A Home - The Cinematic Orchestra
Addicted - Morgan Page ft. Greg Laswell
New York - Snow Patrol
Where Do I Even Start - Morgan Taylor Reid
She Went Quietly - Charlie Winston
Atlas Hands - Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Lose Control - Ted N Ted
Anything But You - Civalias

"It's one of those things people say: you can't move on until you've let go of the past. Letting go is the easy part. It's the moving on that's painful. So sometimes we fight it, trying to keep things the same. Things can't stay the same though. At some point you just have to let go, move on. Because no matter how painful it is, it's the only way we grow."

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New year doesn't feel new yet

"We're all looking for answers
In career, in life, in everything
Sometimes the answers we're looking for have been hiding just beneath the surface
Other times, we find answers when we didn't even realize we were asking the question
Sometimes the answers can catch us completely by surprise
And sometimes, even when we find the answers we've been looking for, we are still left with a whole hell of a lot of questions."
(one word's been changed from the above quote, but yeah)

It reaches another level of hilarity when I see the kind of problems that one pinpoints and makes a mountain of, even with all that one could possibly ask for
How one can be so indifferent to the things happening around in your own country.. But at the same time, you make such a big deal about it when it comes to you knowing of what's happening. So, obviously, empathy has no trace here at all.

When you present well, but you're so filthy backstage, that it depresses me as to how messy you could be overall and never ever do anything about that part at all. And may I add, once the show's started and is over, there is obviously no looking back at what the clean up is like/should be, because, duh, you wouldn't be the one doing it after all. The dirty work is left by you for someone inferior to you to do. And it never made sense to you to take a peep into what that's like/step in that person's shoe, because oh, you've never exactly had to do that in life before. I wouldn't say, the person is lucky here, but it's unfortunate that even when you pretend you see so much around, you don't absorb any of it, you adsorb it.

When you say things on another person's behalf when you can't/won't do shit. It makes a part of me die, because I know that the person who'd be doing it all at the end would never be taking the credit for it, but gets tired, and works like there won't be another chance to make the best of your talent, or perhaps, the person/guest happy again. It makes me feel sorry for one who makes the promises and is all talk, but you would still go on about it because you know that eventually, someone will do the main job even if you don't take the slightest part in it.
Respect for the person who does it all and never asks for credit. Yes, we all know that's selflessness. But selflessness, according to me, requires a certain amount of courage, I've seen in barely two or three people in my life so far.

When you put on a good show about your concern, and I don't disagree that you don't mean it, you do, but what you just do not understand is that the other person, also concerned, was never trying and never will, to compete. He/she simply, I repeat, simply cares. It leaves me speechless at one point too, when you just refuse to see how it's never going to be about who cares more.

When you know you can't deliver one fourth of what you promise/talk about. Why promise?

When you find the other person that incompetent to do things you think you're best at, why don't you do them yourself to begin with?

What makes you think you're the only person who cares?
Just because you want the world to revolve around you doesn't mean you'd be the only person revolving around the person you apparently love. There are others who love that person too.

One of the things I haven't mentioned about Delhi so far in the almost half year that I spent there (and if isn't an obvious point being stated), is how fascinating the crowd of the city is inside a mall/theatre. It really makes me think at some point, as to how much time is spent by one, everyday, to make trivial decisions of day to day life. And how something that maybe of utmost importance to a resident of one city maybe of no importance to another.
And I don't deny that I'm not a part of it, but sure, I put my own opinion before anyone else who's capable of controlling my state of mind.

My posts here are mostly random. Incidents, situations in life.
Yes, no names mentioned. Of places, humans, whatever else. I like it that blurred in writing. And clear in my head. Crystal.

That awkward moment when you realize that all this while, you've been in love with the idea of being in love with someone and not really the actual person!!

There is obviously no humanity left in our country with all that's happening around..
There is a colossal need for change in the mentality of the people!

And a dog (pug named Romeo) was asleep on my lap while I typed a little bit of the above :)

Winters can kill!

Just One Last Time (ft. Taped Rai) - David Guetta
Oblivion - Bastille
Covering Your Tracks - Amy Stroup
Crank It Up - David Guetta
Speechless - Morning Parade
A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
Kiss me - Ed Sheeran