Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Good food, and/or knowing another person's day was made because of you
~ makes my day.

The friendship between men 'without' saying the obvious things, lasts a lifetime
and it's just about the opposite with us women

When you're willing to take that risk
When you somehow feel you have it in you to say it
It's been long since this thing has been on your mind and there have been more than a few times when you really, really got the urge to freaking do something about it
But you couldn't for several reasons
For reasons like it wasn't your place to, for reasons like the other person may believe he/she understood what you said, but what he/she heard is not what you meant, because it is not that damn simple to convey it just the right way
One's state of mind and happiness has been getting decided by another's actions
What lack of communication can do, always leaves me jaw dropped in situations where it only leads to assumptions, and as I've said, they are the worst things ever. Let's just leave them for economics, which is a con!

"Google Search : Reunion"
~ An advertisement by Google. Must watch!
Made me cry too, yes.
And I'm told it's based on a true story!

Because we've all changed
evolved to be the new people we are today
Time does that
All for the good I guess
Our choices are different
And so are our perceptions
But then again, some things don't change.. simply because they're situations
And one has to change the situation one self
It won't magically just disappear the next day

I don't get how people are just willing to overlook important parameters affecting another's life right in front of your eyes and since forever!
How on earth can you be that apathetic towards this whole scenario that has been playing live in front of you in someone's life who's again been a significant person of your life all along?

Sometimes, we all wanna escape
Oh how much I love that
Listen to distracting songs
Change the subject being talked about
Write it out
Sleep it off
Take a walk
Do whatever it takes to be an escapist
Not because you're not enjoying your life, but because you know someone who means the world to you, isn't enjoying theirs

It will never fail to amuse me how people don't see the obvious
It's either that they simply don't get it
Or you pretend so damn well that you've forgotten yourself what the original thing was
It's like one says, 'Just be careful who you pretend to be, I'd hate if you forgot who you are!'

When you couldn't attend something
you'll never know what you missed
but you're fine with it

When one family member does too much
and sometimes it's not just about acknowledging but also reminding him/her how much that means to us
Us humans have a tendency to forget things
And we need to be comforted... and sometimes, words can do wonders

Let Her Go - Passenger
Tidal Wave ft. Alpines - Sub Focus
Eid Wala Chand - Rajan Batra

"Saving the world from mediocre coffee."
- Costa

Nothing like Grey's Anatomy!
#SawItAfterSoLong :)

"Everyone now knows Campa Cola compound. Do you know about Golibar, where legal residents were evicted?"
- Naresh Fernandes

"Life is too short to spend it with someone who makes your days difficult."
"The reason people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go instead of how far they have gotten."

"The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said."
"It's always nice to have someone around in your life who can make you smile even when they are not around."

"Reason is one of the most effective and under-utilized anti-depressants available to us."


  1. You know, its always so relieving to read your blog posts. Yours is different.

    1. Thank you, Sappy! Those words mean a lot :)