Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Not that lost.

"Be hurt. I can take it, the world can take it."
- really the right thing to hear when you are?
For a moment I was like, wow. But, not so much when you can't get your mind off, of what it was that's gotten on your mind. It's like bacteria. It's only multiplying even when your efforts were all to make it stop/shut down and not just put it to sleep.

When you didn't want the person to say the words back to you.
You just wanted the person to accept it. That is all.
Acceptance is the most important thing (as I've mentioned earlier). Coming to terms with it.
But, okay.

Perspective. Perception. Point of view. Inference. Interpretation. Power of the mind.

"Human perception is actually relative and conceptual, not absolute."

"Don't give away anything that you have to, earlier than you have to."

"In business, you don't have to be right,
you just have to be less stupid than your competitors."

Will get back in a post, soon, about the talk I attended by Rory Sutherland.

And Diwali happened and I wasn't home for the first time.
Yes, you miss home the most during this one festive season.

Do not get too affected by things, situations, people. It never helps. Never.
Don't stop working on how much it got to you. Or how much you let it get to you.

When you end up doing things you've never done before
Not in terms of the adventure you'd assumed you would (you haven't forgotten your bucket list just yet)
But doing things in terms of being there. For people.
Going out of your way in more than just one manner and being happy for them.

Overdose of chocolate.
Waffles with nutella. Cocoa and chocolate cream wafers. Lindt Lindor. Chocotastic pop tarts. Mars.

The additional costs in life that we tend to overlook more than often!!
(this is an interesting observation and I do intend to elaborate on it soon)

A fire alarm drill at seven in the morning is one of the worst things ever,
when you know you have a lecture at nine and had to wake up in half an hour anyway!
The value of five minutes is best understood during these early morning hours,
when you had to either give up your sleep, or run to be punctual for a class,
because you did sleep for those five minutes anyway, that were not extra any more then!

Finding out you hadn't replied to comments on your posts ~ *happily surprised*

The generation gap and the variance in the chain of thought on the same subject
The difference in the want to understand
Absolutely overlooking what matters too much to the other person
Rigidity in the mindset with negligible willingness to widen it really
Or maybe a bit for the world but less than zero percent for yourself

When you see a goose hurt in the garden right outside your building, standing in the rain, and barely managing to move, you call up the student reception to ask for help (and it was a Saturday) and you get the worst reply of all time. You call up security and you're told some crap about how you shouldn't mess with the balance of life and nature.
You manage to go down with another flatmate of yours to see what can be done (keeping in mind that the bird will, in most probability, move away, as soon as we get to him/her)
And even though that's exactly what had happened, once again the only ointment that had popped in my head was boroline, but he/she had, had a bone injury and we knew we couldn't do anything
While we felt helpless and talked to each other about it, while watching out on him/her for a bit,
I realized that by the evening, the bird's friends had come to his/her rescue! (no kidding)
We're all aware that geese always tend to move together and this one had been alone all day
But the day did get better for him/her after all, and so it did for me :)

A blind lady being guided by her dog everywhere
- A sight that sums up Life

Caffe Latte and Lindt Lindor
- one of the best combinations ever! :D

The sun, rain, wind, rainbow - all at one time!
Seriously happens!
God really is kind. Now this is balance of the nature :)

"That Day After Everyday" - A Short Film
~ must watch!
#TheReality #TrueStory #NoWords

"In the book of religion, humanity is the last chapter."
- Saira

Counting Stars - OneRepublic
All Night - Icona Pop

"People only treat you one way, that's the way you allow them."
"Words are but symbols for the relations of things to one another and to us; nowhere do they touch upon absolute truth."

"Time is innocent only if there are no clocks or watches."
"Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of travelling."
"It's a very powerful thing when someone sees you as the person you wish you were."

"When it's all said and done, all roads lead to the same end. So it's not so much which road you take
but how you take it."
"Money can buy me happiness, it's called food."

"There's a plague of sameness that is killing human joy."
- Zita Cobb via Iwan Baan

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