Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just sad?

Disgusted. At our generation's perverted thought process. Whatever happened to genuineness in this world?!

Where is chivalry dead and why does it seem to get replaced by chauvinism?
Where are all the nice guys in the world? Or it really is a myth that there are some who exist?

The theory of all men being the same is probably right.

Sometimes, our instinct can be wrong. About a thing/situation/person.
It doesn't have to be like we're picturing it. It's obviously like the sea. The more you step into it, the deeper you go, you find out, it's not all that different. Or I should probably remove the words, 'all that' also from there. Because it's not something unusually different at all and it falls in the same category like the rest existing in the world.

If I believe, I always mean everything I say and make it clear when I don't.. I guess not even a fraction of this world likes to believe that there might actually be people saying things they mean and not just for a conversation to take place or to please the other or, whatever.

There's more I have in mind regarding that bit. But it's all in pieces.

Joseph Morgan - A fine actor! :)

"Without music, life would be a mistake."
"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song."


  1. Kind of difficult to get a plot here but evidently you are pissed off :| Fair enough.

    There are plenty of brave people everywhere-the question is what your domain of consideration is. The other day, I met this incredibly ugly hawker who sleeps on the pavement ( as part of my book-writing-research ) and he told me something that is least expected from one who scrapes for a living. He told me that he donates blood every 4 month and that he had seen me twice in the last year at the blood donation camps. ( I was there on my birthdays ). How can someone ,who has nothing to eat and sleeps on the pavement, routinely donate his blood without getting paid ? I said WOW !

    PS- when you say GUYS in the above post are you specifically referring to my gender or just people in general ? Jut curious...

    PPS- Like the post. Kind of straight from inside :) Keep it up :)

    1. @ mishraaji, this post was one of my most random ones. It was supposed to be more of an outburst but it remotely turned out to be one. Credits to the time lag that existed between the anger/emotion that came out in the words typed out in my cell phone's memo pad and the time they reached here. And considering I mention random specifically, I made it shorter because of reasons I couldn't avoid. The next one should cover up.
      My domain of consideration isn't specific because I don't know if there is. I was pissed off, yes. And it all came out from a friendly conversation that took place with someone yesterday and how it ended up revolving around things that sorta defined the thought process of almost all men. Thought process. Not how all men are.
      About the hawker you mention, wow is the word really.
      The best part about him would be, at least he does what he believes and doesn't let that get affected by anything that could possibly affect his level of satisfaction in life.

      P.S.- When I say GUYS, I did specifically refer to your gender. Although I see, you blog yourself and are pretty regular at it. But the 'Who?' bit doesn't mention much.

      P.P.S.- Thank you! :)

  2. Ahhh.. well that explains much ! We do have occasional low moments :)

    Sinusoidal mostly- summing upto 0 in complete cycle and regular extremes that is :D

    Guess, my gender would have to work harder to earn your appreciation then :) Makes the ordeal even more worthwhile :)

    Ohh the 'who' bit there :P Well, lets just say I have many admirers online and I wanted to take break from being popular *lying shamelessly*. Hence, the anonymous stroll :)

    As for the P.P.S- Pleasure :)

  3. @ Mishraaji, :)
    Yes, we do have our low moments. But this really wasn't one of those. It was more like the #It'sJustSad feeling, where you expected (basic human error) it to be a decent conversation about, maybe life, etc and you genuinely think this person is meaning what he/she's saying until you find out the hidden meaning behind it (because ofcourse you're a little thick in the head when it comes to certain things and you didn't exactly get what was attempted to be conveyed, instantly).

    And, haha!!

  4. Makes complete sense to me :)

    Let go...

    PS- there is no "subscribe by email" option up on your blog. And I have wordpress account. So if you could just put that there, it will be of great help for me to follow your writings :) I do not want to miss out on that ...

    1. @ Mishraaji, I did :)
      Have gotten better at that.

      PS - Thank you for all that you wrote. And, check! :)
      Put it up.