Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reel world or real world?

The Lion Sleeps Tonight - The Tokens

When your heart sinks for a bit, when you remember an old school friend who passed away and how unexpected things can turn out to be in life and the realization of the fact that you really, really never know.
I miss her. Neha Puri.
One of those very few genuine people I'd come across in my life.

Olivia Binfield
I almost had tears in my eyes when I saw that video
When you come to think of it, you can learn so much from everyone around you. And we all know that. It isn't something new or something that hasn't been figured out/discovered. But then again, it's like one needs to be reminded of certain things in life even though one knows all of it somewhere in their subconscious self.

Maybe there really isn't anything as impossible. At least as far as the imagination of the human mind goes. And if the factors that control one's determination/passion in reality are on another level :)
A seven year old with that conviction, and understanding of the rights and the wrongs, and beliefs...
It really did leave me speechless with a tear at the edge of the eye.

Naariyal paani :)
It gives a different level of satisfaction. On a different tangent maybe?
Apart from quenching the thirst in a manner that you'd wanna take a deep breath (almost as good as closing your eyes and aligning things in your mind with the rest of your body for a moment), it just makes one feel good overall.
When I think of it as coconut water, in my head, I go like, how angrez is that? Haha.
Although those are the words for it in english, I get it. But whatever, I will always call it naariyal paani :)

Too much of the subject Accounts can leave my brain not functioning (for a while) well enough to figure out how to cross the road. And seriously. #HappenedToday

Ability to accept/admit things. SO important. Acceptance always adds to the steps of getting there, where you think you want to.

I like Mumbai people :)
Friendly. Don't bother you. Don't look at you from eyes that might want to harm you in any sort of way at all.

Oh and as per the last post,
Since it was supposed to be an outburst and it didn't exactly turn out to be one, I still have some subsided bit left in my thoughts somewhere. But nonetheless, for now, I didn't realize at all until I finished writing that post that it was the 14th of February yesterday. No specification at all towards that, considering the post was pretty much revolving around males. #AbsoluteCoincidence

"Everything you can imagine is real."


  1. Constant reminders do keep things on top of our head. WE often take things for granted which come rather regularly/easily. Like back in college, I used to wonder people want to come back to college 25 years later ( in reunions and all ) when its so difficult to survive today ! But now that I am out of college, I guess I miss being there :( Loss is an essential phase of acceptance.

    You are right. WE are limited by our own imagination. But that thought is constrained by the karma that follows ofcourse...

    Mumbai people. Ahhh well.. I am a Bihari :P Kind of difficult for me to appreciate the whole Marathi Manoos thing that goes on there. Have not been with many from that place,so maybe my perception is not wholesome. But I did not like Mumbai much the first time I was there in 2005.

    What an incredible take on Nariyal Pani :) One must constantly look at things in a different manner! :)

    Outburst... your readers are waiting for that bout actually :P

    1. @ mishraaji,
      Very true. Loss is an essential phase of acceptance. It makes one think. :)
      It reminds me of a quote, "You never know what you have until you lose it." And another one that sorta counters it,
      "You always knew what you had, you just never thought you'd lose it."
      The importance of one chapter of life is only understood when we're on the next one :)

      You really think/believe karma can limit our imagination?
      *processing it in my head, will get back I guess*

      About Mumbai, I think I can go on about the city incessantly. How long were you here for? Like a good amount of time?
      Nonetheless, I don't know if you've read this one or not :

      So yeah, but two things I have to get back about,
      Mumbai as a city and the post, 'Just Sad?'
      And I will. Soon!

      And, thank you :)

  2. Well, imagination is not constrained per se. But what good is an imagination if it finds no expression in our acts ? Apologies for not having put the point clearly :( MY failure to communicate.

    I was in mumbai for 4 days as far as I could remember.With my father, for course counselling in some area called Powai. Good days :) But there was one more time for a week. All in all, it was not a very pleasant experience. But I do not blame the people there- that would be stupid. Politics :(

    1. @ Mishraaji,
      That's true. And you did put your point clearly, I only asked to understand where it was heading.

      Hmm, Powai is another side/part of Mumbai..
      Anyway :)
      The only negative bit that I've managed to gather in my three years here, is the weather, and the traffic. Anything in excess becomes a pain, so yeah. The rain is something else when you're home looking outside the window or in a cab, enjoying it. But another thing when you have to get somewhere and walk through the puddles, you know.