Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A weekend narrated on a weekday?

There are people who just put on a good show, you know.
And they either think they've managed to make the world believe and buy their crap or
they've managed to atleast convince themselves thoroughly. But who knows how much of that is true.
I have no idea what they wanna prove to the world or what they think they'll get by doing so. Or they probably don't want anything in return, not that they don't expect but they're in denial.
I believe, to be able to accept what you feel and how you feel is something that takes courage and one should never give up. Because, "It's so hard to admit" sometimes.

Saying it out loud to someone is another thing all together. I think if you can get yourself together after what almost broke you, you're stronger than you could ever be. Something/someone you didn't expect passes your life path and leaves you with assumptions, judgments, conclusions in your head and at the end of it, there are things you really can't do anything about, yourself. So believing that there is a power up there, I guess we should just do our bit.

Don't you think it takes so much effort to prove to the world everything that you do, where instead you could just live and go on with things that come along without thinking of whatsoever? We make things complicated for ourselves at the end of the day and are looking for someone to shift the blame to.

Love. The feeling that leaves you out of words when you've been one, to be able express yourself best at any point of time.
Distractions are important at some point.
Be it whatever.

When there are things you genuinely look forward to, after painting a vague picture in your head about it all.

A man will never be able to understand a woman's emotional level.
Or rather the extent she could go to prove herself.

The Scarlet Letter
Easy A
#WhatMovies! :)

When the night went well with sizzling chocolate brownie and maggi, watching a sensible, thought provoking movie followed by a sleepover at a friend's place, the morning seemed fresh even after four hours of sleep with the aftereffect of my friend and me, being chirpy and talking drivel.

The determination of a woman. Her love. And her strength.

The chirpiness at 8 in the morning when you wake up without an alarm and there's a story to hear from your friend! #GoodTimes

And, one I love,
"Who is to say what is a sin in God's eyes?"

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