Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finally! ~ My next post

Hello here.

I have been wanting to write since quite sometime. But, don't really know why I didn't . Hehe. Actually, I do. Umm..due to my sheer laziness, the feeling of wanting to write with a smooth ball pen in my diary rather than typing it here, and because of un-necessary thinking about un-necessary stuff. :P As mentioned earlier, my life revolves around mumbai..Apart from normal college, and me not being able to study (I think I've forgotten how to. I swear. I mean, its been so long since I studied like properly properly..!! Haha.)..There has not been much happening though. But, I still have things to say. Got in touch with a few more old friends. One of them being the reason..why I m finally writing right now. One of them encouraged me to write more often. Also had a few good moments with friends. One of the memorable ones being..going to watch 'My Name Is Khan'..then, having sookhi (dry) bhel -cum- chana puri..and Baskin Robbins (banana and strawberry)..and then, an evening walk at marine drive..! All of this on the same day (20th Feb '10). Flashback ~ Before going for the movie..I met a friend..who I hadn't met since 8 months after passing out of school. We had been in the same city. We both reside in the same city as well. But, we still hadn't met. It was destiny to bang into her that day. It was a great feeling. A tight hug from a school friend is all that you need sometimes. :)

I have realised something about myself. I can never get sick of watching the same movie over and over again. I mean, it's kind of weird. Also, not to forget..watching it not after a very long time gap haan. Watching it like in hours ka time gap..! Actually, not even hourS. Hehe. I know it is weird. But, thats how I am. Can't help it. :P

I am a big foodie also. Have been trying to control on certain things and follow a specific diet (which I made myself). It's hardly even a diet. Trying not to have Chocolate or anything chocolate flavoured. And, not having Maggi..!! :( Just kinda trying to remove the extras. And, putting alternatives like Dahi (curd/yoghurt).


The above was written by me on the 24th Feb.
Have a lot more updates. Also, in the words of Ted from 'How I Met Your Mother' ~ In order to determine whether we can know anything with certainty, we first need to doubt everything we know.

P.S. - Happy Holi..!! :)

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