Sunday, February 7, 2010

A city that never sleeps! :)

The other day, our EVS professor was talking about sparrows not being there in mumbai and thats when i realised that there are only crows and pigeons around ya! Eagles and parrots in certain areas. I mean seriously, its been long since i last saw sparrows. I think the black crows bring these negative vibes with them. There is a weird negative environment created in their presence in my opinion. Too many things in the head. It just feels like my life has been revolving around Mumbai. First year of College is coming to an end already. It flew. It just flew. Tension about being able to manage CS (Company Secretary) with B.Com. Tension about being able to make my parents proud of me. Tension about whether life is going on the right track or not. :(

Life is like a long train journey. Some only wait to reach the destination..some give up in the middle itself..and some live but dont really care about the journey. They just want to get over with whatever burden is on them and pass on the responsibility on their shoulders to someone else as soon as possible. To them, life is all about being what people want you to be and not being who you actually are.
To me, the journey is the most important part!
Umm, my roomie was suppose to write a post about how hindi as a language is so much more expressive and effective than english. She still hasnt written it. She beats me in laziness and in getting mood swings. :P

Got in touch with another old friend and refreshed my list of good friends. :)
And, I love my College! :D
Ok, I know that, that was just typed out of nowhere.
And it was very random. But, thats Me!

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