Monday, March 20, 2017

Feeling how you felt, only makes you human

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice."

The people in your life are supposed to make it all easier
If they're making it difficult, you know you must question the relationship!

It's always going to be about how one has been conditioned through life
It's why we see some people as really graceful beings, respectful not just towards elders, but just by nature while speaking to anyone, it's in the way they speak and their tone
and then of course there are those who think they're perfectionists and everyone should just live serving to fulfil their wishes and demands

"It's a little strange to actually get an award for being nice and generous and kind, which is what we're all supposed to do with one another. That's the point of being a human."
- Ellen DeGeneres

The impact of that on a human being is just so undervalued!
A child you're raising and pampering today is going to be someone's husband/wife tomorrow, someone's father/mother

Situational behaviour
It really depends on whether you make it a big deal or not
and that will depend on the kind of people/thoughts you surround yourself with
So if you make it a big deal, it will definitely be a task/challenge for you, because you've already convinced yourself that it's not going to be manageable
So don't make everything a big deal... Let it be!
You'll be able to deal with it all as it comes, if you believe that you can, and that you'll take it as it comes

It's surprising how the generation right before mine is more messed up in their thoughts and attitude towards life, than mine!
Thinking you're always right is death to the brain God has given you to wonder, stay curious and exercise your imaginative abilities

Some things, you should never tell anyone
Not even your best friend
Especially when you're aware that you and the other person have drastically different views on a particular subject
It's one thing to have identified the disagreement, acknowledge it and come to terms with it
It's another to share more views on the same
You'll only hurt yourself in the process

Bring up your child with love and chores.
Anyone who has an MBA but hasn't been brought up with a habit of doing chores, will not be able to mould.
(in discussion with a very wise friend, when we talked about parenting, after she'd heard these views on a ted talk)

Passengers, the movie
How her mind works and he feels that something written by her is what he can relate to so much, it's as if it was written just for him
Without knowing/meeting this person ever, but having spent months thinking about how this person could be as a partner in life
She writes, but had never written about herself
Arthur, the robot who doesn't have a heart obviously, only follows instructions, can't feel, but his character is portrayed in a manner that it can be deceiving even for a human, with regard to trust

"When you have been trying to fix a problem for too long
Let go of what you can't control for sometime
Live a little" - a robot saying that to a human

It's so strange how we humans work
We want to live in a world dominated by technology
But look for nature when that's the case

"Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one who finds the gold."

Life isn't always about proving a point
To your partner
To your parent
To the world
To another person

I'm not sure still, after all these years, if humans pay for their karma or not, considering we see rapists in our country walking free, let alone those who get a high after hurting another person's feelings

There's only so much you can do
You explain a viewpoint
You observe a certain aspect a number of times in many ways
But if the person you're trying to show your perspective to, through your eyes, refuses to see what you see
You're only making attempts in vain
Not only because this person will never get it, but because even if this person eventually does get what you see now, it'll be too late

When you trust people without the fear that your trust might be broken by them, you will be surprisingly happier in life!

When you have tried your best to explain something to someone
Or you shared your thoughts
But the other person just doesn't get it because he/she is only going to be looking at it from his/her level of perception

"The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life."

When you feel everything too deeply
Not only are you the only one getting hurt
You're the only one feeling how you're feeling
People don't think about how you feel unless they know that feeling

Everything in life doesn't have to be compared
Everyone's struggles are different
Just because one's trouble doesn't seem as much to you because you've faced a lot more in life already, doesn't make their troubles small/petty
You don't know how one deals with it all really
We all deal with stuff in our own ways

The lesser number of friends, the better they say?
You're more at peace and in sync with knowing who'll be there for you no matter what
and that you don't need to be in touch or show affection in anyway sometimes
It's all just understood between the two people

We dwell in it as a species
No matter what the degree of it is
We act as per our convenience, we speak in sync with our benefit
Even if it is a little thing like making a call, we don't usually keep the other person's situation/convenience in mind, in personal life
That's when we're taking things for granted, bit by bit

"And many prefer not to exercise their imaginations at all. They choose to remain comfortably within the bounds of their own experience, never troubling to wonder how it would feel to have been born other than they are..."
~ some of my favourite words from the Harvard commencement speech given by J.K. Rowling

We always only think from our level of perception, no matter what the situation
It's amazing that the people you consider empathetic and observant in your life, are the ones who don't see what you see
and then you realise that only time will give certain answers to them
because time does give answers, especially to those who choose to stay silent

Instead of accepting each other's flaws, differences, nature, way of thinking... one is always trying to show the other person how he/she is wrong in his/her thought process and this is what he/she could do to become better or more flexible
How does one's nature and way of perceiving have anything to do with being rigid anyway?
Okay, maybe a little.

People showing they care, in front of others, time and again, are the kinds who have major insecurities in life
I mean, you don't have to show it in front of anyone or prove it to anyone
If you care, it's understood, just by the person you are and the vibe you give out rather than the words you speak amongst a group of people on purpose, to show that you do
I absolutely detest it when people do it for the world or in front of other naive humans, demonstrating the same by being unusually explicit about it, as if it needs validation every time

When you don't expect too much from a situation or from the people in your life, you'll be less disappointed in life in general, for sure

It sucks when you care too much. You realise that the other person is better with those, who don't care even half as much as you. It's true!

You expect your best friend to understand your viewpoint or be in sync with your thought, when you share how you feel about a particular situation or what you sensed, but when he/she isn't on the same page as you, and is confident or perhaps has chosen to not feel how you feel
You really can't do anything except for time and situations to make your friend see what you see
I may have been repetitive about this point, in this post, but I cannot seem to emphasise on it enough.


You think everyone means what they say because you mean everything you say, and that's where you've gone completely wrong.

The definition of being modern is still so messed up in our society. People think angrezi and clothes do it. Soch ko theek nahi karna lekin.

When your day is made from conversations with two wonderful and genuine souls
A call from an old, and favourite teacher, after years
and a well-wisher who strongly believes that you and her have a connection from the past life
The feeling is indescribable! :)

"You think it's normal to feel everything so deeply, so you expect the same from other people. Well, don't; because it's not normal. It's not normal at all. It's rare. It's precious. It's actually amazing how the things which don't even brush their hearts, somehow manage to burn a hole in yours."

PS- Happy New Year!
2017 seems to be flying already!

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  1. Prose or poetry this was...??,.. You have written it so amazingly. Most of the points I agree here and the most agreeable part I experienced is "The impact of upbringing on a human being is just so undervalued!"

    A child learns everything from their parents, how they eat, drink, think, behave, adopt etc etc..

    Your life's experience.... your writings....