Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weird Weird Day. I wrote most of that at 7:04 pm.

My second post.

Hmm. Today was a very weird day. I can say something like so much happened and then nothing happened at the same time. Today morning, when I crossed the road and reached the other side of it..
I saw this girl in specs and a grey sweatshirt, with her cellphone in her hand, talking to somebody on the phone, walking towards her car. As she sat in the car, her driver took off. A bag across her shoulder, lay.
And, she seemed very comfortable and confident. After looking at her, as in her age, she must be a college student or might not be. :/

I could picture myself studying in some college of Jaipur and going to college by car! Eeww. I found myself better walking on the road with a dirty water puddle next to where I walked. [I know it's not been raining in Mumbai, but honestly speaking, there was a puddle! I'm not making this up to make it sound interesting or anything.]

It is an experience to stay in another city, travel by the local bus all alone, with people around you sweating. The feeling of independence. When you have to manage your budget, and calculate how much you've spent and you have an idea about when you'd be able to have Baskin Robbins ka double scoop (for Rs.90 inclusive of taxes) next! :P
It's not like you are short of money or you are not given enough.
It's just that you try and save and, you know exactly where you spent.

P.S. - I love Mumbai!


  1. i feel the same about the baskin bit .
    I do that too .
    Proud of you .
    This is Puri btw .

  2. its really true.. specially wat it feels to stay away and be independent

  3. @ Neha, hehe. Yes.. And, thank you :)
    @ Sarvjeet, it does feel different :) And, thank you.

    It's been exactly a year today since I wrote that post!