Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm bad with titles? :/

Trust. When it comes to realising whether you were right or not, you are only yourself to blame. It was you who told yourself to believe and that the person you are talking to and probably pouring your heart out for whatever reason, is really listening to you. When I mean 'really listening' I mean, not just hearing. *sigh*

Men. They are all the same. No judgments but that's a point of view after all that I've seen. And, there are no exceptions to the rule. This was not suppose to be what I thought I'd be writing about. But then again, when do things actually come out the way you'd pictured them in your head. That's the imagination part. But, we tend to make assumptions. Ki yeh toh hoga, aur aise hee hoga. You never know.

I realised it had been about two months and I hadn't had chips. Like chips, and I got the urge to have 'banana chips' out of all though. That isn't weird. Is it? :/ Okay, maybe. Listening to good songs with good lyrics can really help and even though we all have our tensions of career and making an identity of ourselves, encouragement is all you need sometimes. Most of the people I know, tend to underestimate themselves a lot of times, and that is the time one needs to be reminded that it's all good. Life has been given to live, so might as well live it happily and see and learn from people around you and take the positives from them instead of focusing on the negatives. Be happy, learn to be. Do things you never thought you would.

Eat healthy. I don't but one must. Observe things and see how much there is taking place around you and what would it be like if it were not like that. Thinking way too much is never good but opening your mind for thoughts and ideas to flow in, is important for your imaginative side to evolve.

Never underestimate anybody, Never, as I believe is too strong a word to use for anything. But, I mean it here. If there is somebody you care about, let the person know. This is not some philosophy lecture but, half nahi, most of times, we don't express ourselves 'well'.

A sight of a cobbler solving crossword in a newspaper is a good sight. :)

Talking about movies, I saw 'A Walk To Remember' for about the twelfth time a day back. And, being honest here, the marginal utility did not decrease. Since, I'm more of a chick flicks movie person, my favourite movie for about seven years had been 'A Cinderella Story' and it changed to 'A Walk To Remember' when I saw it three and a half times consecutively in four days about a year back. There are people who say, how can you watch a movie that depressing over and over again? But it's funny, somehow, I watch it when I'm low or I am really happy and not in a mood to share my happiness in words maybe.

The one line from the movie which is my favourite is, "Please don't pretend like you know me."

The songs, 'Way back into love' from the movie Music & Lyrics, 'Light up the sky' by Yellowcard, 'Rhythm of love' by Plain White T's, are the ones that come to my mind right now.

All that I write is always a mixture. When somebody asks me, 'What kind of music do you like?' I never really have a precise answer to that. My choice of songs is a mixture again. I have never been able to categorize it as rock, hip hop, metal, classic rock or whatever else there is, as an option.

Car drives are nice. A long drive with a friend or a family member driving, music and looking outside the window with a lot of thoughts, flashing through your mind. I've always liked train journeys when somebody would leave me with my peace of mind next to one of the windows for hours and not question me. I like to look outside and be full of thoughts for a moment and be blank the other.

..Will end with the last few lines of the song, 'Way back into love'..

"And if I open my heart to you 
I'm hoping you'll show me what to do 
And if you help me to start again 
You know that I'll be there for you in the end."

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