Friday, December 10, 2010


♫ And now I've been gone for so long, I can't remember who was wrong..

What I exactly feel like doing 'right now', this very instant is going into an empty room and screaming. Loud, as loud as I possibly could. Haven't done that I don't know since when. I really do fail to understand people sometimes. Like they are beyond my understanding level. Seriously. How much attitude and ego can you have, for crying out loud? .. ♪ I pledge allegiance to a world of disbelief, where I belong..

There are those who would talk to you only when they feel like and not give a shit when you are in just about the mood to say what you feel like, out loud. But, you aren't given a chance to. Or rather, may I say, you are in a place where you know there are negative vibes surrounding you and how much ever you try to avoid everything, you get low and depressed. You don't really have any particular reason to cry still, but, you do. And then, you wonder why. You manage to convince yourself that it was for the good. And, I wouldn't say, it was for a reason. Because, I really do get reason-less.
As people say that, that they can feel all alone even when they are surrounded by a sea of people?
I feel like, I haven't felt like home since quite sometime, even when it hasn't even been a month since I have been away from home! I also believe, crying is good sometimes. It's like all the unspoken/unwritten/unexpressed/inexplicable feelings which you have somewhere inside you, all come out. It only gets weird when you don't know why you are crying or cried. When you really have absolutely no reason to! :/

The look that Mandy Moore has on her face when she is about to tell Shane West for the first time that she loves him after he had got a star named after her! The look. Every time it comes to my mind, it gets a smile along. A smile which makes me believe that it is too early to decide whether life has been good/worth it or not. Yes, I am talking about A Walk To Remember.

A boy sitting at the corner of a street cutting nails on a cardboard shows what? That he's hygienic or he thinks about the world and just so that anybody walking bare feet gets hurt, he would throw them in a dustbin? Or is he just superstitious about not cutting nails here and there? Or is it me wracking my brains for nothing? I suppose it is the last option I thought of. But, I'm good with whatever reason it might be, as long as there is one.

Lenses can really be a pain sometimes. *eyes itching* But, I am way too lazy for anybody to imagine. Too lazy to go up to my cupboard to take them off. Will do that when I've written though.

A book with the tiniest of fonts! Ooh. I do not quite like that. (!) That is obviously because I do not read books. I do not like to and I probably can't or maybe I choose not to. Whatever.

And, I like solitary walks. A lot. Sometimes.

Current obsession : 'Walking Disaster by Sum 41' :)

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