Friday, January 9, 2015

The universe loves to play funny

Sometimes, you've got to forgive in order to be forgiven.

The saddest part is when you have no choice but to not be yourself
That is the worst thing that could happen to someone, in my opinion
If the people you've known all your life, have become someone else
and they make you wanna not be yourself
Now that is when you want to escape

Listening to a track like, Who Needs You by The Orwells, on loud
and writing here at the same time

"Who are you to judge the life I live?
I know I'm not perfect
and I don't live to be
but before you start pointing fingers...
make sure your hands are clean!"

Yes, because these days, all people really want to do is point their freaking fingers
It sucks really
(the word, freaking, has been replaced by an abusive word I typed here originally)

So what matters is how PEOPLE may react or what they may feel..
instead of actually being concerned with how the one person being hurt actually feels
All I have is a slow applause for such humans with the broadest mindset ever
(that was sarcasm font, yes)

It's happened a lot with me, that when I've formed an average image about a situation in my head, and then it turned out to be above average.. It left me less disappointed.
It happens with everyone that you form a picture in your head of how it's all supposed to be, and when it doesn't turn out that way, that's what disappoints us, always. But I think it's another thing to be relatively less disappointed and that's important sometimes.

Why can't people just let others be?
Why are they under the impression that they have the freaking authority to control another person's life?
No, you don't have that kinda right. Stop making the other person feel claustrophobic with just your thoughts about how and which way the situation that he/she is handling, the situation that he/she is in.

Why are people imposing their choices on one another?
Everyone is different, and that has to be understood and respected!

The time when all you want to do is escape from that crowd and withdraw into your own shell.

Stephen Hawking.
He is the definition of the word inspiration.
That extraordinary human who one could learn endless things from.

The very fact that people around have become complacent with the idea that they know enough..
With the idea that what is chosen is right..
There is a big difference between knowing and accepting
Knowing there was more than one side to a situation
...and possibilities.

It sucks that one doesn't want to reason out these days
They're just absolutely okay with their freaking minds shut and accepting what is told to them

The recent electricity ad with kids in it:
Bijli Bachao, Desh Banao
Absolutely love it!

Which of these candies was your favourite from your Childhood?
[Credits to NDTV Goodtimes for the above image and the question]

Natkhat and Crax.
I was absolutely shocked and didn't quite know what to say when a person born in the late, late 80s didn't know what they were
I mean, I honestly felt sorry.
But yes, apart from the above candies, these two were epic munchies! Love them still :)

The performance in her new movie's trailer: Margarita, with a Straw
The kinda videos breaking stereotypes: the piece by her about the truths of womanhood, on International Women's Day, 2014 #IndiaTodayConclave

The movie
The different angle
So many things to perceive
Bollywood has a huge influence on the general masses, which is why it's very important for conceptual movies like these.

It is a hypothesis that things are going to be different in the coming time, which means that either they will be or they won't be.

The moments when you listen to your mother share some stories from her time
I consider myself fortunate enough to be able to be that ear who gets to hear all of it from her
The times when she woke up at the early, early hours of the morning
To do all the things that were expected out of her, at the time
..just so inspiring at so many levels
Then again, there could never be a human like a mother. One person who draws unbelievable strength from I wonder where.

When you feed the dogs outside your house
The happiness is incomparable.

When it's just beyond my comprehension
When it has to become difficult for you to explain

That awkward moment when you have that weird internal head ache (nope, not the normal one), and you can't sleep, and instead you choose to distract yourself by doing some word vomit.

"You don't need to prove anything to get a library card."
One of those rare sentences you could only find on a post of Humans of New York (by Brandon)!

When the people you thought knew you, don't know shit.
It's disturbing really.
When you see how narrow minded people can be.
I'm like wow. Which century are you living in?

So many thoughts piled up that I'm not sure I'd be able to present all the sides of the human mind I've witnessed lately, which can work from the most mysterious to the shittiest ways.

When you're hurt
So hurt, that for once, nothing helped.

When you see a kid playing Atlas with his father, in an Indian train

A coolie reminding you of Amitabh Bachan Ji, at the Ahmedabad railway station

The wonderful poem by Farhan Akhtar ~ MARD.
The words in this poem could never get old.

Sometimes, you like your room messy (mostly in Winters)
and that's perfectly okay
but you also want it to be the exact way you left it when you get back to it
See now, that is a problem, when you're at home, and your mom has an obsession to keep things cleeeean and in proper order. Whoops!

Old hindi music on the radio :D

Winters make me wanna do only one thing: Not move.

When you hear Atif Aslam's voice on a TV show after really long..
and you remember the goodness and power in the words, sung by him
and how the person next to you still hums to the tune of that one song, even today, with a slight smile
That feeling, is incomparable.

The improvement in Indian trains!

In one's weak/low moments, one wants to take a step back
and ask, why did you have to do that to me? Why me?
One wants to say it aloud..
In a discussion over Skype with a friend, something interesting was discovered.
People who've had their hearts broken
Never wanted to become people who would be scared of opening themselves infront of others
Never wanted to become people who would be scared to love
Never wanted to become people who wouldn't let their guard down easily...
But they became this weird version of themselves anyway, even when that's never who they wanted to be in the first place.

When one is told about something wrong one did, or a negative about oneself, without sufficient encouragement alongside. Nope, you don't know shit about how much that would work.

When you wake up at whatever hour on a Sunday,
the thought that it's a Sunday, is just different
I have no idea why
But even when you're already the laziest person you know, you want to be even more lazy, just because it's a Sunday!

'Made of Honor'
The movie that I can never get sick of.

A hilarious take on the Indian-Mid-Twenties-Issue by Abhijit Ganguly

Superhero - Tim McMorris
#music #lyrics

So, when there are things that have been on your mind all day and you still can't find a way to say it in words
Sometimes when you're with a friend at a new place, and just the right song plays, you're not sure what to think
Whether you're meant to feel like everything that you'd missed out on with this friend, will be caught up on since it had only been paused until now, or was it just meant to feel different
(I cannot recollect this or frame it better, since it had been saved in a draft post for far too long)

A city like Delhi, I'm not sure if I'm ever going to manage to develop a positive sentiment towards it.

"We will never be happy because our expectation of happiness is always evolving. And as we evolve, everything changes. Even the love we have now becomes something of yesterday and the anticipation of the things we desire tomorrow, are the things that fill our emptiness today.
And as we evolve, nothing stays the same. We will always want more, even if what we have now is enough. This is the destruction of being human. We create the illusion of happiness to make sense of the disappointments we have yet to live.
And sometimes we do find happiness. But even though, sometimes it is not meant to last forever and that within itself is a beautiful thing to evolve from."
- R.M.Drake

An advice;
Learn to look at yourself before pointing a finger at somebody else!
Irrespective of whether that person is older or younger to you, look at yourself first!

"It's not the obligation of the artist to censor viewpoints for the sake of agreeability and most of all, it's not your obligation to experience the artist's art."
"I can tell a lot about a person by what they choose to see in me."

"If you could love the wrong person that much, imagine how much you could love the right one."
"It is a hypothesis that the sun will rise tomorrow, and this means that we do not know whether it will rise."

"If money didn't exist, would you still chase your dreams?"

"Aap khwaab dekh ti hain?
Lekin, khwaab dukh dete hain...

Toh? Woh toh haqiqat bhi deti hai!"

PS- Happy New Year :)
2015, you came oddly fast!

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