Saturday, May 17, 2014

Long, long overdue!

"It's a strange world where the least important thing is doing well and the most important thing is just hanging on."

It sucks to be in that handicapped feeling
When you can't do more than you already have
Knowing that the amount you've done is not even close to enough
And it won't matter in the long run
But you only wish and hope and pray that it does anyway

When so many lives are attached to one and interrelated in some way or another
But the role causing the pain is not known to the actor performing
Oblivious as the actor is, goes on to cause more pain and collateral damage, somewhere sensing that he/she is delivering it, somewhere not aware at all

Sometimes, you gotta take a call
You cannot be in that comfortable neutral zone anymore
You're not left with much choice
So you take that call
and it's good in a way
(yes, there are always pros and cons)
But it's liberating, to an extent
You're surprised by the outcome in a positive and negative manner
But you gotta tell yourself it'll be okay, if it has to be
There is only a limit to which you can deliver and prove yourself
If one still doesn't get your effort, or how you may have gone out of your way to do something, it's alright
At least you found out! And in the long run, that's what matters really. Clarity.

When you can't change something
How do you come to terms with it?
Just how do you be okay with it?
Every time you've tried, you've only hoped it hadn't turned out this way
You just can't seem to come to peace with it wholly, just yet
Even after years of somewhere being convinced, you know it deep inside, that you're not

Yes, life is unfair n all that
But it's only harder when you have to live with a situation that could've been dealt with differently
And you can only hope for that now and that's all there is to it
It involves too many lives and it's messed up

When you find a reason for your existence and presence at a particular place, time and situation:
While I was getting off the bus that stopped at a bus station, an old blind man who said something I didn't hear, was somewhere behind me. Holding his hand, and telling him, 'There's a step now', made the driver of the bus smile at me (and I was given a look by the same person, when I'd mentioned I'm short of twenty pence. I did pay extra eventually, yes)
Just the feeling of being able to hear my heart beat fast, while I walked the old man to a corner at the station, was incomparable. After a couple of seconds of no conversation and wonderment, I thought I'd ask him further where he exactly wants to go, as the station is pretty big, with stops named after alphabets.
As I asked him, 'Umm, where exactly are you heading, Sir?' He replied spontaneously, 'Eastern Green'
As lost as I usually am, with regard to figuring out stuff for myself, at stations, roads or anything involving maps (and leaving that part for my dear friends always), I told myself, 'You have to find out which bus would take one there, no matter what.' And so after a minute or so, we walked to that one particular bus stand which was slightly at a distance from the rest. As I left him there, and told him he could sit down, when he stood right in front of the bench, he had made my day already and further said, 'Thank you so much, dear. I really, really appreciate you dropping me till here. Thank you.' The smile on his face made me the happiest.


And sometimes all you can say to yourself is, it'll be alright

The person who's become someone you don't seem to recognize
And, it will never be the same
That's when you don't know what is the truth anymore

When you know two different individuals in your life and it's not about comparison
But you begin to think about how one of them has done so much to get where he/she is today
And the other has probably not done one percent of it, but has more
Now what is the reasoning for this really?
I don't know about deserving or achieving or fulfilling your dreams
But sure as hell, it ain't fair from the layman's perspective
Having known two opposite people, and not just blatantly wondering about destiny for no apparent reason
Why does one who has so much with no effort and therefore, doesn't appreciate life enough, is the one who hasn't lived really yet.. but the other who had the least at his/her disposal, is one who has lived life to an extent already, and not merely existed...?

Kalki on Womanhood... If Only!
~ too good.

People change
They surely do
And you miss the person you'd met and become friends with
And you can't seem to do anything whatsoever to get that person back and neither do you recognize this new person even when you've been trying to
As it's a choice that person has made willingly to stay this new person he/she is, forever

It requires courage to stay who you are, always
Not that you would/could stop yourself from evolving, or discovering yourself further
But managing to stick to those essential characteristics that make you, You
That's the originality I miss in people around me

A word game to communicate in any language - Ajit Narayanan
~ Beautiful!

When you can't fix it
You just can't
You never meant for it to happen
But it just did somehow
And you don't know what it'd be like for the person in that situation now
But you really, really can't do anything whatsoever to fix it
Yes, that feeling sucks big time!

So much in pieces

takes time
No matter what the situation was

When it's someone you think you knew, seems to generalize things

Or wait,
do we realize that what we want, or what we think we want, is not exactly what we want
I mean, it's like you almost had it in the past

Bonfire Heart - James Blunt
Fallen - Sarah McLachlan
Take Me Home (Acoustic) - Cash Cash
What You Wanted - OneRepublic
We're On Our Way - Radical Face
Story of My Life - One Direction
Human - Christina Perri

What adults can learn from kids - Adora Svitak
~ Brilliant!

Highway - the Bollywood movie:
Concept, acting, story
Music, haryanvi jaat punjabi, realistic, happens everywhere
and happens today as well! - It sucks the way one is taught things, and asked to shut up about it.

Patakha Guddi - Male and Female version

"Whatever happened to common decency anymore
Technology has made people so cowardly and disconnected."

The people who really want to be in your life will make the effort to stay
They're the ones worth keeping
Let go of the rest

And even though the Indian election results are out,
and pretty much everyone knew what was going to happen, by the end of it,
another one of my favourite videos, with a very clear and distinct message, directed by a friend:
A Day In The Indian Parliament #GetInked

Punjabi weddings music
Lifting your spirit

The importance of things

Are you okay?
I've been better.

The Lost Art Of Being Okay - Samuel Leighton-Dore
~ the words.

Have to catch up with Grey's Anatomy!

"Life is too short for fake butter, cheese or people."
"Money isn't everything but you have to have enough before you can say so."
"When you make a commitment, you build hope. When you keep it, you build trust."

"Empathy Is An Endangered Instinct."
"Sleeping is nice. You forget about everything for a little while."
"Patience is not the ability to wait, but how you act while you're waiting."

"You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have a say in who hurts you."
- John Green

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