Saturday, June 11, 2011


When it hurts more than you thought it would.
When it didn't hurt at all, and you thought you'll cry, to say the least.

When people treat hotel waiters/waitresses like their personal servants. When the waiter/waitress at a hotel is looked down upon because of the job performed by him/her. He/she is talked to and ordered, as if they were one's personal servants/maids, for crying out loud. I absolutely hate it.
Hate it when people behave/talk like that. I do not like such people.

When people's moods/vibes get onto you!

When you can not, just can not control your tears any longer. They are right there and can pour out any second.

When you know, that now, it feels just right.

Punjabi : the language, the weddings, and, the songs :)

Daughters being considered a liability from the very beginning and the whole system which can never be changed. A girl born and brought up to put mehendi on her hands and get married, sooner or later. The society doesn't let one live in peace, although, we constitute this society ourselves.

Everyone is living for the society. I've barely come across people who would get up in the morning, get ready and look into the mirror and say, I look good today because I feel good and the I feel satisfied to an extent because the reason I wanted to wear this particular thing/dress, is because 'I' wanted to, because I like it and that I've dressed up for myself and not for the world.
We all live in a world full of people pretending to be somebody they're not and we become one of those people, at one point of time too. Yes, the original line is from the movie, A Cinderella Story, but the line just crossed my mind right now, somehow.
Instead, people wear what others would like to see them wear, be someone they're not so someone could be deceived by believing the lie.

Broken - Lifehouse
If I fall in love with you again - Glass Pear
Hanging by a moment - Lifehouse
Stop Standing There - Avril Lavigne
Possibility - Lykke Li

"Can't raise a toast? Try Butter" ~ One of the few taglines from the advertisement of 'Amul Butter'..! Haha.

Obsession with the character of Edward Cullen, and the marginal utility not decreasing even remotely after watching 'Twilight', over and over and over again.

..No matter how much you plan in life,
Life has its own plan for you..


  1. provides a true sight of life we r 1.....