Monday, May 9, 2011

Love.. Not?

When you start to cheat on someone, or you already have been, there comes a point when one must get themselves to question, as to why things are, as they are, today. Reasoning out is very important. Getting to the introspection mode and realizing, is important, sometimes. Things need to be rubbed onto our face, as a reminder sometimes, even though we know it all, somewhere deep down inside us.
What was the reason you fell in love with that person in the very first place? You've 'lost' that love is all you tell yourself. But really?

A lot of us fall in love, more than just once. And your love for the guy you first fell for, would never die, until you die. That is, if you believe and know, it was true and that you'd never had stronger feelings before. Your love for the guy you're yet to meet, would only be stronger :)
When you step/fall in it again, when it's time and when things are in place in your life, probably then, it would only be as good or only better than the first.

The book of life is made by our actions but some things are pre-decided. And, considering no one knows the next page of this book, we should really try and live through it all. I mean, what if God has something really nice in store for me/you in the future?

And, some very interesting quotes in my opinion, by 'bclocale' on twitter,

- There is a great need for sarcasm font.
- The world is full of willing people; some willing to work, the rest willing to let them.
- Is a fly without wings called a walk?
- Buy land. They've stopped making it.
- If you believe everything you read, you better not read.
Opinions are like feet. Everybody's got a couple, and they usually stink.
People never grow up, they just learn how to act in public.
If love is blind then how can there be love at first sight?
Wouldn't it be a good idea to make the sticky stuff on envelopes taste like chocolate?
Why are lawyers not sworn to tell the truth like all the witnesses in a jury trial?
- If God created everything, who created God?
There are two theories to arguing with women. Neither one works.
- I can resist everything except temptation.
Want to relieve some stress? Make up a language and ask people for directions. 

'Falling in Love' and 'Addicted to Love' are names of two movies.
Weird much? 

And, I guess, at the end of it all, you don't get to choose love, it chooses you.