Sunday, February 13, 2011

One word

Food. Dairy Milk Silk. Thoughts. Lyrics. Diary. Tears. Almost out. Friend. Facebook. Confusion. Chocolate over chocolate. Awesome. Awesomeness :D . Stress buster. Love. Decisions. Differences. Blogs. Stress relievers. In love. BlackBerry. Punjabi song. Blue Lays. Dinner. Sleep. Mentally tired. Music. Peace. Solitary walk. Me. Just myself. Soothing song. Feelings. Emotions. Good friend. Acquaintances. Wanting to write. An expression. Shock. Awe. Marriage. Inability. Sadness. Disaster. Really?

Colors. Spellings. Dark green. Purple. White?
Black :)

Exams. Studies. Law. Boring. Really boring. Uh really really boring. Economics. And, uh, .....

Career. Passion. Uncertainty. Knowledge. Lack of it. Pessimism. Optimism?
Reasons. Validity. Expiry. Questions. Answers. No answers. Reading. Expression. Metaphors. Books. Blood. War. Painting. Art. Work. Imagination. Fresh air. Coldness.

Parents. Siblings. Home. Home food. I miss. Hug. Best friend. Best? Really?

Socialising. Not?
Change. Changes. Time.
Time doesn't change. It only passes. It's we who change with time.
More expressive in hindi, Waqt badal ta nahi, sirf guzarta hai. Ham waqt ke saath badal jaate hain.

Yeah, that's just the abrupt, random Me. I don't know how that makes sense if it does, although, I think it does. It's open to interpretation. But, a few other things for now...

Uh, it's funny when you think of how you met some people in life.
I mean yeah, it gets funny at some point!

I like the movie, 'Just Like Heaven'. A lot :)

And, there is a lot of difference between loving someone and being 'in' love with someone. You may love a lot of people but you might not be 'in love' with all of them! Ha! Get it?

And, blah!

Fear is a friend who's misunderstood
But I know the heart of life is good.

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