Monday, January 31, 2011

Bad day

When it's one of those really bad days. Bad to the extent that apart from everything being negative around, there are more than enough reasons to cry, but for some odd reason, you don't. Not because you didn't want to because you just didn't tell yourself enough, to take it out that way. I wouldn't say I haven't been this low before, I'm sure I have, but I don't remember when it happened last.
I miss home.

Sometimes, it's like as if there really isn't any energy left inside to say anything anymore. You're done saying. Just done with all the explanations.

♫ Quietdrive ~ Time After Time ...

Diverting minds can be easy at one point and extremely hard at another. Be it your own or your friend's, to be taken care of. Incomplete conversations and unfinished thoughts can be disturbing. When you visualised something and it didn't even remotely happen and yes, it's your fault that you did. You couldn't help but blame yourself for the thoughts that came into your head unconsciously and were not converted into actions.

I got to know this sometime back and it did kinda help me guide myself if I wanted to...
There is a whole cycle that follows in our life. It begins from 'thought', goes on to, 'emotion'.. to 'energy' 'physical body/environment'.
Now, the thought originating in our conscious mind, where our analytical and logical ability lies, it goes on to become emotion. The conscious mind is only 10-12% in our body, the rest is the sub-conscious, which is about 88-90%. In the sub-conscious, the memory and the database lies.

In between these two is a critical filter. This critical filter needs the information and knowledge to keep flowing from the conscious to the sub-conscious (i.e. from top to bottom). And, this ends up happening when we probably take a deep breath, or we just feel a little relaxed and we try and seep things in. This is very important because the critical filter cannot get jammed with all that is in our head. If at all it does, that is when one goes into depression, and that's when other things also start to go wrong in life as if there's only negativity around.

To make one of my friends admit that, that one cannot be emotionless for long, I'd mentioned the two paragraphs above earlier, in order to convince this person.

A quote here, "Whatever is known to the mind is pleasure and whatever is unknown to the mind is pain."

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