Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dhobi Ghat

"Dhobi Ghat (mumbai diaries)"
Mumbai. The sea : apart from being calm and serene, it takes in everything one says to it without a word and doesn't say anything at all.

A movie which can get one wracking their brains a bit about the whole realization as to what 'coincidences' mean in life and maybe how they shouldn't be ignored. Colours are as deep as an author's thoughts. One bleeds to the paper and the other takes it all out in unspoken words. Personally, a movie which has been able to make me wanna look at one point from different angles, is worth a watch. 

Apart from the basic fact that we come to know about the inter-linkage between different sections of the society, the movie revolves around Mumbai and how one realises that it's probably the only city where so many classes so closely merge into a common thread of different emotions. The abstractness in the movie is something I liked. The painting speaking so much more than one's expectation out of it. 

A quote said by one of the characters of the book I'm reading comes to my mind,
"On the surface, an intelligible lie; underneath, the unintelligible truth." 

The silent moods of people around me can really kill me, sometimes! Just the way mine almost kill them. *confused* Urmm, also, mood swings are contagious in nature man! Remember that? 

When people want to talk, as in they are in the mood, they will. Anything they say, and you have to take it because they expect you to? Really?
What the ____ (usage of the word, as per your choice!) happens when you want to say something and they are not in a mood? Like seriously! At that point of time, instead of probably saying whatever is on my mind, out loud in anger, I'll probably abuse the person in my mind and not say a word. 

Also, just another sight,
A boy sitting in the corner of the street cutting nails on a cardboard shows what? That he's hygienic or he thinks about the world, that nobody should get hurt with the pointy nails or he is superstitious about not throwing them around? Now that really isn't something to think or worry about, and I probably wasted a few minutes of my life giving a thought to something like that, which is not going to make any change around me, in the opinion of the reader reading this.. But I guess I just did. Didn't question myself as to why I did. 

Oh and yes, as I mentioned earlier about making a bucket list.. Now, honestly, that can get interesting! :D
Will come back to that one! 

P.S. - It's the 26th January today. Happy Republic Day.

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  1. I think the movie was a pain in the ass to watch... I don't know, it could have been very intelligent and abstract, but it just didn't capture my imagination and just wasn't gripping enough... maybe I might need to give it a second chance... but wasting i guess 2 hours is also a challenge, I could rather watch some other movie :D!

    Oh I liked the observation you made about cutting nails on the cardboard! Wow that was so insightful! Touche! and don't worry about over thinking... it was a great observation... approaching a small thing with so many angles! Amazing! Keep it up!