Monday, April 25, 2011


On the 13th of April, I went to a chemist shop with my mom which was right opposite the Doc's clinic.
And, looking at it from a distance, both of us could see a small boy.
A boy who looked a little weak, had a stern look on his face, and was small to the extent that more than half of his body, was hidden by the table infront of him.
My mom's confused expressions did tell me that she wondered if the boy was gonna be giving the medicines to us. I had some sorta confidence in the boy and I told mom, woh ladka hai na.

When we reached the counter, the boy looked at us and didn't utter a word.
We asked, medicines aap denge na? The boy nodded, simply.
We gave him the prescriptions.  He took them with a lot of confidence and very quickly, he grabbed all the medicines. As he started to write the bill, manually, I asked him, naam kya hai aapka? He said, Tarun.
I said, kaun si class mein ho? He said, 8th. I said, padh ne ke saath saath yahan kaam bhi karte ho? He said, haan.

Mujhe mann mein ek ajeeb si khushi bhi hui aur pata nahi kyun, par bura bhi laga.
He started to calculate the total by adding up the prices in the calculator. By the time, he was just about done calculating, the senior guy (probably the owner of the hop) arrived. He asked him, ho gaya beta total?

The confidence on Tarun's face left me smiling until I walked to the car.

I just wrote a very normal incident up there that has probably taken place in most of our lives. But it just feels good to have a record of something like that, even though, I have most of it in my head anyway.

It isn't what people said, it's also what they thought instantly to what you said. What they finally did end up saying out loud, as a response to what you had to say, is another story all together.
A lot of times, we don't know, either because we probably never asked, or we never bothered to know, what could have been the thing that, that person was about to say initially, instead of what he/she actually did end up saying, in the end. And, in my opnion, that does matter.
Usse us insaan ke chain of thought ke baare mein bohot kuch samajh ne ko milta hai.

A lot of people who want/need a change, don't/won't.
And the ones who shouldn't because all of us, really are, unique in our own special ways, change faster than time passes.

People alive today, need to really, really start looking from the other person's point of view!
Atleast before they pass a conclusion about a story, in which, they're aware of only one side of it!

Momentous anger and saying things, which would be taken to heart by the other person, even before the speaker ends up realizing what they really said!!

Three other awesome songs by Akcent, apart from, That's My Name,
Stay With Me
My Passion
Love Stoned

And, Glass Pear :
No reason to love
Streets Of Love

Bohot sahi gaane hain! :D

Sakaraatmak soch : Positive thinking!
A compulsory lecture for five hours, under the CS orientation programme. Seriously!
*phew* I come home and there is no elctricity and the inverter got burnt! Aur, mujhe gussa nahi aaya! :O
Haha :D

A quote by Quotealicious on twitter :
"And just when I think I might finally be over him... He starts talking to me."

'Te Amo' : Weirdly nice song.
A song from a hindi movie, Dum Maro Dum. Not the Rihanna version :P Actually, Rihanna's version is pretty decent too.

No Reservations : I like the movie. A lot :)

Baghban - Ek aisi movie jise dekh ne ke baad, aakhon se aasoon aa hee jaate hain.

Lekin ek baat sach hai, jisse ham mein se kaafi waakif nahi hain, ki,
Zindagi ki jo kitaab hai, uska har panna alag hai, aur har panne ko likhne mein hamara bohot bada yogdaan hai.
There are a lot of people out there who believe in what pandits have to say about their future and they start to  perform their life's deeds as per what they're told. That is the absolute wrong thing to do!
Koi hamein yeh nahi batayega ki hamein apni zindagi kaise jeeni hai.

Umeed har insaan karta hai. Kuch apne aap se aur bohot zyada, doosron se. Mere ek acche dost, aur mera yeh maan na hai, ki umeed karna hee, apne aap mein ek guna hai.

Bohot baar ham apni taraf se effort karte hain, ek relationship ko kaayam rakhne ke liye.
Bohot baar hamein yeh bhi lagta hai, ki woh effort sirf ham kar rahe hain, and that's when it hurts.
When you expected someone to go out of their way to do something for you, and they remotely didn't, that's when it hurts.
Jab aap ne ek insaan ke liye apne parents se ladai ki, and coming to think of it, aap aisi kisi cheez ke liye, shayad apne aap ke liye bhi argue na karte, lekin aapne apne is dost ke liye ki, and the friend doesn't give a shit, that's when it hurts.
When you've been told by a stranger who believes, he/she has the ability to see someone's future and you're told that you wouldn't make it very high in life, that's when it hurts.
When you know your heart isn't with you, and you really did give it away to somebody, but you never got it back, and you lack the ability to give a damn if someone else has the same to tell you, because your heart isn't with you still, that's when it hurts.
We can never, ever repay our parents for all that they do for us, and so, at every point we get angry, we should really make the effort and must not lack the ability to look from the other person's point of view.
Its a different story when we're not convinced but coming to think of it, we do lot of things in life, even when we're not 'really' convinced.
Communication gap is another mistake committed by most of us.

All the above typed in the above paragraph, in two languages, hindi and english, has been stated in general. There isn't a hidden story behind the points. I was reminded of a few points after seeing the movie and I felt like typing it down, out here, so here I am.

I was appreciated lately, for the posts written by me here, and it felt good. Really good :)
Thank you.

P.S. - You really can't hum while holding your nose. Try it!

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