Thursday, October 20, 2011

Words poured

When first impressions are so pathetic.
I'm not talking about the saying, "First impressions are not always the best." But one that clears the fact that I don't even want to look at this person with another perspective or probably hear his/her side of the story. That's not me, but I didn't know there could be people who could convince me about not wanting to get to know them further at all, to this extent.

Chocolate and Music. How does one manage to blend things together to that extent and come up with something that soothes the human mind on another level?
Yes, the ingredients are simple but it's the quantity and an individual's recipe of it all that matters, ofcourse.

And sometimes, you care, maybe the least, but you do.
And you have no idea why.

And I hate packing. But I hate unpacking more. I have to pack still! The feeling of going home is simply :)

Pictures are very important to take. One can interpret that as a photograph or a painting, as I have come across people who like to make it all by themselves instead of capturing the moment by just a click :)
Not all of us choose the easiest way to create a memory that way. Because perhaps there aren't many ways to create memories after all or maybe there are too many on the contrary. But they are an essential record of a flashback of what life would look like in a tangible form. And, therefore, they are very important to be created :)

When people you barely know and don't give a crap about, somehow manage to ruin your mood - Eh?
How exactly does that happen?

I also feel, that the feeling of watching a tv show on television is very different from watching the exact same tv show on your laptop. It's like, when you know it's on your laptop, you know you can pause it, change it and not watch that particular episode, go back to the gas stove as and when you want to check if what you're making is ready and then get back to it, see the part you love over and over again, not see the part you don't like or for that matter, stop it all.
It's like it doesn't feel all that real anymore. It's like reading the pages of a book on an electronic notebook and not flipping every page of a real one which gives the feel of reading. The feeling of bookmarking a page with the bookmark you picked up from a shop and smelling the book maybe? Even though I don't read books, I guess that's what it'd feel like.
It's like being able to control life all together to the extent that you can stop it, pause it, not know it, re-live the parts you like again, and maybe not do anything about it at all at some point too.
And when you know you're watching it on television, you know there's gonna be a break and that you can probably only get back to your gas stove in that limited defined time, you can't fast forward and, you cannot go back so you might as well listen to the dialogues carefully knowing they won't be repeated.
It's a different thing when you know you have the internet and everything is available to you if you want to get back to something you missed out on when it comes to things like these.
But, you can't go back and know more or for that matter, change things done in life, in the moment. It maybe something you said, something you should have said and you didn't.

And when does the grass not seem greener on the other side? Seriously.

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