Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just Mumbai

a city~
that never sleeps!
Where traffic signals are followed at 7 am!
Where there really is traffic, at 7:30 am
Where rides in local buses aren't always like what you thought they'd be like
Where not travelling in local trains ever, will always leave your visit incomplete
Where strawberries in cream taste different altogether
Where there'll always be a positive vibe even when you're surrounded by all the possible negative ones
Where the wind makes you wanna believe in yourself
Where rains can have a direct or inverse relationship with your thought process
Where people are friendly
Where secrets are kept and, kept
Where the feeling of wanting to write, just comes
Where I started THIS
Where memories are built in the least time available
Where the feeling is just right
Where you admit that you know what you do
Where a journey starts and will end
Where solitude can be bliss
Where walks don't get you tired
Where simplicity drives you
Where darkness doesn't scare as much as it could
Where getting out in pyjamas doesn't feel even remotely odd
Where you want to be just yourself, all the more
Where desserts like chocoholic exist
Where being out alone at an odd hour isn't as scary as it should be
Where people make sure you call gol gappas, pani puri..!
Where love has more than one definition
A city one can never forget :)

That was SO random.
I know I have to leave Mumbai very soon.
I guess that's why all of that just came pouring.
It will be very, very hard for me to leave this city.

And, just another thing,
Letting go isn't easy but that's the only choice we have left sometimes? - very individualistic again.

I love Mumbai :)


  1. I think it was straight from the heart..that's why so perfect

  2. Very nice inspiration for those who are newcomers to the city, such as myself.

    1. Thank you so much, Oindrila! Your comment made me smile that day :)